6-Point Arrowhead Throwing Star

Price: $9.95
6-Point Arrowhead Throwing Star
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6-Point Arrowhead Throwing Star

Price: $9.95
Cannot be shipped to CA, IL, MA or NY. Laws vary by state and municipalities. Please check your local laws to be sure this item is legal to possess before ordering.
Some may say a ninja is only as good as their throwing star. Those who say that may also have a 6-Point Arrowhead Throwing Star headed their way! This steel six-point thrower has the tips you need to stick your bad guys to the wall, and this ninja weapon also comes with a carrying case that secures to your belt. Stretch that shoulder muscle, because ninja target practice is starting soon!

The 6 pointed arrowhead throwing star measures 3 7/8 inches across from point to point in each direction, and it means business with every molecule of the stainless steel. Having more spikes makes hitting targets more likely, since you, well, have more spiky-ness to work with. Whether you are a beginner ninja or experienced assassin, the chrome color of this sharp steel shuriken will speak to you on a deep level. Or at the very least, it will allow you to reflect the sun and communicate with your comrades, blind your opponents, or let you check your teeth for spinach. At only 1.5 ounces, this steel six sided shuriken has more interest in flying around than it does sitting in the nylon woven case, but it will most certainly look cool on any shelf in your house or hanging on your wall.

The arrowhead feature of this six point steel ninja star has great arrowdynamics, and it will slice through empty space with ease and stick to your target better than a thinner spike would. The sides of the triangle points are not sharpened like a knife's edge, but they do have an edge to help slice into your target, whether that target is plywood, cardboard, tree trunks, or a foam archery square. Rest assured that your star will stick in the mark, since it has six pointy ends to do just that. Find the bullseye, aim with your elbow, and release! Always make sure no one is down range before you begin work on your overhand throws!

Before tucking this pointed arrowhead ninja shuriken back into the woven carrying case, give the silver hued throwing star a wipe with a clean cloth, and consider applying the appropriate oil every now and again to keep your arrowhead thrower shining and in tip-top shape! Who knows when you'll have to unleash the fury of this 6 pointed ninja star on an unsuspecting enemy, or more likely a friendly practice board in your backyard?!

This ninja star has beautiful balance, in addition to being easy to throw and stick! It even includes a durable nylon carrying pouch with a secure snap closure. After your first star you'll be looking to add more arrowhead shurikens to grow your arsenal, so you can be well equipped any time that ninja duty calls!

6 Point Arrowhead Throwing Star Highlights:

  • Durable Stainless Steel
  • Six (6) Sharpened Arrowhead Points
  • Shining Chrome Color
  • Throwing Star Diameter: 3 7/8 inches across (approx.)
  • Throwing Star Weight: 1.5 ounces (approx.)
  • Black Nylon Case with Belt Loop
  • 6 Sharp Points for Easier Target Practice!
  • Essential Weapon for Ninja Performance!

Please check your State and local regulations before purchasing this weapon to make sure it is legal to be shipped to your area.

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