Biohazard Throwing Ring

Price: $12.95
Biohazard Throwing Ring
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Biohazard Throwing Ring

Price: $12.95
Cannot be shipped to CA, IL, MA or NY. Laws vary by state and municipalities. Please check your local laws to be sure this item is legal to possess before ordering.
There are several strategies for handling a horde of zombies. Some survivors take the approach of using blunt force melee weapons, swinging their spiked apocalypse bats and clubs to crush zombies in the thick of the masses. Others deploy guns and flamethrowers to eliminate the undead through sheer firepower. However, as a seasoned survivor in this post-apocalyptic environment, you understand the risks of getting too close to the infected or wasting valuable ammunition. Instead, you choose to pick off your targets from afar using throwing weapons, whirling your Biohazard Throwing Ring from a safe distance to neutralize threats. This small chakram throwing weapon is a futuristic throwing weapon with a circular edge and a bright green biohazard symbol at the center, the perfect long-range anti-zombie weapon for your apocalypse weapon arsenal!

Chakrams are ring-shaped throwing weapons originating from India. Also known as a chalikar, a chakram throwing rings were worn as part of the armor around the turban or wrist as well as used as a weapon at both long ranges and hand-to-hand combat. This small chakram is a modern ring-shaped throwing weapon adapted for a post-apocalyptic battlefield! Constructed from durable, corrosion resistant stainless steel, this thrower is built to withstand the harsh environment of a zombie-infested wasteland. The circular edge is razor sharp, ideal for slicing your target as it swiftly zips through the air! Weighing just 2.2 ounces and just 3.5 inches in diameter, this sharp throwing star ring is easy to throw as well as carry on your person. This throwing ring weapon won't burden you as you carry it along on your scavenging, hunting, or zombie eradication missions!

These anti-zombie throwing weapons have an aesthetic that matches the apocalyptic landscape. The bright green biohazard symbol at the center of the throwing ring is a reflection upon the state of zombie contamination that they will be used to counteract. The biohazard symbol also indicates a threat to human health, making it clear that when you use this futuristic throwing weapon to pierce the soft flesh of a zombie, you've eliminated yet another danger to humanity. The sharp outer ring has a dark black color that contrasts against the green symbol. Each of these ninja chakrams comes with its own carrying case with a belt loop, perfect for keeping your apocalypse weapon ready at your side as you venture into the wasteland. This black case has a green embroidered biohazard symbol, helping you to differentiate this chakram from your other selection of ninja stars and shurikens.

Even if you aren't fighting for your life against an endless tide of zombies, these ring-shaped throwing weapons would make a fantastic addition to a ninja star or fantasy weapon collection. With their green and black biohazard design, these throwers would make an awesome costume weapon or a prop for a film about a zombie apocalypse!

When the world is swarming with zombies, you can depend on your shuriken and throwing weapon skills to keep you protected from the living dead. Arm yourself with one of these Biohazard Throwing Rings and start preparing your armory of apocalypse weapons today!

Biohazard Throwing Ring Highlights:

  • Crafted from 440 Stainless Steel
  • Razor Sharp Circular Edge
  • Bright Green Biohazard Symbol
  • Black Colored Blade
  • Black Nylon Case with Biohazard Symbol
  • Diameter: Approx. 3.5 inches
  • Weight: Approx. 2.2 ounces
  • Easy to Carry and Conceal!
  • Awesome Cosplay Weapon or Prop!

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     WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov/
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