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A KarateMart.com Recap and Introduction to 2012

One of our top goals at KarateMart.com is to keep our loyal customers up to date on the changes we have made and the changes that are to come. This past year has been huge for KarateMart.com and our customers as well as staff. There have been many changes and additions made. We will take a minute to look back at the events of 2011 that have changed us. Then we will look forward to 2012 and the things to come.

Our ultimate goal in 2011 was to expand our product line and company in order to provide customers with products that they could not get anywhere else. Through 2012 we will continue to go above and beyond this goal. We started conquering this goal with a decal machine that allowed us to produce custom vinyl decals for cars and windows. This immediately became one of our best selling items.

The next step was re-envisioning our KarateMart.com exclusive brand, Impact Sparring Gear. We gave it a slicker look, improved its quality, and made it more affordable for you.

As fall was nearing, KarateMart.com focused on providing you with costumes that we knew you have never seen before. We accomplished this when we provided you with four custom ninja costumes, Pirate Ninja, Cyborg Ninja, Biohazard Ninja, and Ninja Cowboy.

With the new year approaching fast, we are finally settling into our new and bigger warehouse. With the help of some new staff and our new warehouse, we have been able to streamline the fast shipping you already love to make it even faster.

Currently, we are working with new manufacturers both in the United States and abroad to bring you new products as well as a new catalog with more affordable products. A new focus of ours will be our social marketing sites; Facebook and Twitter. Using both sites, we will be able to bring you important product updates, expand our customer base, and all while bringing you new contests and promotions.

This Halloween, based on the popularity of last year's costumes, we are working to bring back favorites and many more new costume designs. If you have any ideas on costumes or ways we can improve our business, be sure to like us on Facebook and share them with us.

With a departing note, check out the video of how KarateMart.com was started below. From all the staff at KarateMart.com, thank you for your valued business and we cannot wait to see you next year!

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