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KarateMart.com Adventures: Episode 1 - Origins

Ever wondered how such an amazing place like KarateMart.com came to be? Now you may behold the (sort of) true story of how our store got its start, brought to life in brilliant 2-D Flash. This marks the first of many episodes that will hopefully give our customers a little more insight into their favorite martial arts supplies store.

Check out Episode 1 right now for answers to all of your questions and more. Much more.

'What questions might I have?', you ask?

How about: 'What happens to my order after I make my purchase?', 'Who exactly runs this site?', and 'Can a crazy old man really take on an army ninjas?'

Important questions.

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Also, don't forget to tell us what you think of the video in our comments below. We'd love to hear your input!

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Ray Finkel
8/25/11 - 1:05pm
Wow, that video was hilarious. Is it REALLY a true story?

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