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Mystic Ninja Invades KarateMart.com

If you are a regular patron of the KarateMart website, you may have noticed a strange character hanging around some of the products lately. Last month, we were contacted by an authentic ninja from a small village in an obscure country who offered to review some of his favorite items on our website. We were hesitant at first and actually a little surprised that a ninja would be willing to enter into the public spotlight, but we decided to give him a chance. So far, we are noticing that his reviews are a little extreme to say the least, but they are pretty fun to watch. Here is an example of one of his reviews:

We will be adding more and more of his reviews to products throughout the next couple of months, so check back regularly if you want to see more.

You may have also noticed that we began adding demonstration videos to products throughout the website to give you an idea of how the items are used. These demonstration videos were performed by trained instructors and you should not attempt to perform any of the actions on these videos unless under direct supervision of a trained instructor. Here is an example of a demonstration video on our website:

If you would like to create a video review or demonstrate one of the products on our website, please contact our customer service team at Service@KarateMart.com.

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