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Anime Ninja Statues Sneak Into KarateMart.com

Hopefully by now you've gotten a chance to check out one of the most recent additions to our shop, the Statues and Figurines section. Oh and you get bonus points if you found them already by checking out our New Items area!

So here's the story: Recently we came across these really great martial arts figurines. They are like the small (6 to 8 inches tall, some taller) resin statues that you can find pretty much anywhere but these really stand out. The amount of detail contained in each one is truly amazing, and we wanted to give you a chance to pick some up for yourself.

The statues featured here are, without a doubt, geared toward any enthusiast of stories filled with dramatic plot-lines, perky heroines, stubborn heroes, (sometimes) talking animals, and conflicts that are always resolved with animated, highly stylish violence and lots of yelling.

You may know them as anime fans.

Anime Assassin Girl

You can think of somebody right now that would love to have this on their desk. How do I know? Because you're still reading this.

This Anime Assassin Girl epitomizes just about everything anime stands for: Slightly disproportionate, squeaky-voiced, girls wielding ninja swords whilst draped in very loose and/or very tight clothing. How come Disney cartoons never looked like this?

Black Widow Warrior Statue

Red not your favorite color? Check out this Tai Chi sword wielding warrior. Look at her, standing there like she's daring you to start a fight with her. Because she knows it's only going to end badly. For you. Because she's got a sword. And she knows you'll be distracted with hoping that the wind picks up when you fight her.

She's a big one too, standing at 8.5 inches. Actually all of these anime girls are that big, so never mind. What you could do though is pick up a few of the resin ninja statues and reenact that old cult-classic "Attack of the 50 foot Japanese Warrior Girl Super Happy Fight Time". I think it was an Ed Wood film.

Sultry Shogun Statue

You might think you're seeing double but this one has a few slight differences from her red-clad counterpart. She's a Pisces for one.

We've been suggesting to everyone that the two red warrior girls would make good bookends for someones anime or martial arts DVDs or ninja books.

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