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Concealed Knives for Personal Protection

Concealed Knives for Personal Protection
This week for Weapons Wednesday, I covered my body with 15 different concealed knives that you could use to defend yourself. Make sure to watch the video to see my reviews of all 15 bladed weapons.

The first concealed knife I looked at was the Foldable Push Dagger. This knife is unique because it easily converts from a fixed blade knife into a push dagger. I really love the versatility of this knife and how comfortable it was in my hand.

The second knife I reviewed was the Red Katana Handle Balisong. This is a very unique butterfly knife in that it has a curved handle that looks very similar to the handle of a katana sword.

The third knife I looked at was the Push Dagger Keychain. This push dagger is so small that it fits onto a keychain and can be concealed in your pocket in a very stealthy way. Despite it's small size, it is still very comfortable to hold.

The fourth knife I reviewed was the Black Death Folding Knife. I debated adding pocket knives to this video and chose to do so because so many people use pocket knives as their standard EDC (Everyday Carry) weapon. While this knife is very inexpensive, it feels nice and has a handy bottle opener that makes it a very convenient knife to carry.

The fifth knife I showed off was the Hidden Credit Card Knife. While I have shown this hidden weapon off in videos before, I thought it was a good one to show off again because it is so unique. Watch the video to see my review.

The sixth knife I looked at was the Concealed Hip Knife. I really like the knife itself, but I found the holster to be a little bit awkward and obvious in appearance. Unless you are wearing very dark jeans, I think this knife might stand out a bit too much to be considered a concealed weapon.

The seventh knife I reviewed was the Covert Push Daggers. The thing that I found so cool about this set of knives is how well it can be concealed when hooked to your belt. I love push daggers in general, but the way these can be concealed make them stand out as an effective weapon.

The eighth knife I looked at was the Hidden Belt Knife. This is probably my favorite hidden weapon that we sell. I've shown it off in previous videos and just love how inconspicuous it is.

The ninth knives I looked at were the Concealed Mini Throwing Knives. These tiny throwing knives come in a case that straps perfectly onto your wrist, giving you a weapon that could easily be utilized if you were ever attacked. I personally like larger throwing knives, but it's fun to learn how to throw knives of all sizes.

The tenth bladed weapon I reviewed was the Triple Edge Ninja Spike. While this is more of a spike than a knife, I thought it still fit the premise of the video enough to be worth reviewing. I really love the simplicity of this weapon. It is very well made and could be used for bladed techniques as well as a throwing weapon.

The eleventh knife I looked at was the Eagles Claw Neck Knife. I specifically chose this neck knife because of the unique look of it's blade as well as the fact that it uses a breakaway chain instead of paracord. There are advantages and disadvantages of a breakaway chain that I explain in the video.

The twelfth knife I reviewed was the Stonewashed Tactical Karambit. I love how thin this knife is, which makes it very easy to conceal. However, unlike the previous neck knife, it uses a paracord necklace instead of a breakaway necklace.

The thirteenth knife I took a look at was the Concealed Boot Knife. One of the reasons I chose to review this boot knife was because it looks so different from other boot knives we carry. It actually has the look and feel of a throwing knife, which makes it a very unique boot knife.

The fourteenth knife I chose to review was the Tactical Boot Knife. This is a more standard typical design for a boot knife and features a really practical tab release which allows you to unsheath this knife quickly. It was also very comfortable to hold and definitely a new favorite of mine.

The fifteenth and final knife I took a look at was the Kunai Throwing Knife Set. I specifically chose this set of kunai throwing knives because of how it includes a sheath that can be attached to your ankle or arm. This makes it very easy and convenient to pull out a throwing knife when you need it.

Here's the video:

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