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Everyday Carry Weapons for Personal Defense

Everyday Carry Weapons for Personal Defense
For this week on Weapons Wednesday, we took a look at some of our newest EDC weapons. Everything from knives to keychains, we really tested them out to make sure they're effective. View the video to see what we tested!

This week, we actually tested out six weapons, so the first weapon we took a look at was the Cat Attack Keychain. These weapons are absolutely awesome! Not only do they look like a regular keychain, they are also a perfect EDC weapon. This one may be one of my personal favorites now though due to the comfortable rubberized grip which absorbed the shock when I tested it out. With its size, it would make super easy to carry on your keyring or inside your purse. Plus, the white really gives the weapon a very unique look. See the video to watch this keychain in action!

Next, we took a look at our Jungle Combat Dagger. This stonewashed dagger is one of the best cost effective ones I've seen in a while. The matte green nylon fiber scales made the grip so comfortable while the sharp blade and tip made it easy to use. The other awesome factor for this weapon is that the shape of it makes it ideal for being a throwing knife as well. The only downsize for this item is the fact that it is slightly uncomfortable for me to hold in forward grip. I had come in to show everyone that the blade works well for people with smaller hands; even with that, the dagger is extremely comfortable for me in reverse grip. Watch the video to hear the full review.

For the third weapon, we reviewed the Covert G10 Spike that is only available on KOMBATIV.com. This weapon was made by a small weapon manufacturer Armis Knife and Tool Company in Connecticut. This awesome spike is completely made out of metal and has a sleek design to it. There are multiple different ways to have this on your person as well, it can be a keychain, neck knife or something that can easily fit in your pocket. Everything is also included so that you can make this whatever type of EDC weapon you would like. View the video to see how much it can withstand!

The next weapon that we tested out was the Modern Jigsaw Stiletto, which are one of my favorite types of knives. Stilettos are meant to be stabbing weapons over slicing weapons, which is one of the main reasons why I like them. This particular knife has a very comfortable G10 handle that gives it a really comfortable grip. The design on the handle is also very interesting as well; it looks like they are pieces of a jigsaw puzzle! Despite the blade, liner lock and flipper being all made out of 3CR13 stainless steel, it was still able to stand up to my tests. Overall, I see this is a perfect inexpensive EDC weapon. See the video to watch how I tested it.

After the stiletto, we looked at our Kubotan Whistle Keychains as our fifth weapon. Kubotans have a very misunderstood history that make people believe it's not a great everyday carry weapon. This isn't the case though; if you practice some techniques, you will be able to use it as a fist loading weapon or use them against pressure points on the body. This keychain isn't just a regular kubotan though, they are actually a 300 decibel whistle as well! Testing them out hurt my ears, so I know that it will be effective for gathering a crowd. This kubotan also has the added benefit of having a pointed tip instead of being flat, which would make it even better to use against an attacker. It is also made out of an aircraft aluminum, making it very light and easy to carry on your person or keychain. Watch the video to see how effective this EDC weapon is!

Finally, we ended the video with our Dual Blade Folding Knife. The knife is super awesome because not only does it have one blade, it actually has two! Both are made out of 3CR13 stainless steel and so are the liner lock, but the casing is made out of aluminum and it has red accents that really set this weapon apart from others. One of the blades is a straight edge blade while the other is a combo edge blade which has a plain and serrated edge. When both blades are out, the knife can be used for punching in a self defense situation and it would be very effective against any attacker. View the video to get a feel for how awesome this EDC weapon is!

Here's the video:

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