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Tactical Knives for Personal Protection!

Tactical Knives for Personal Protection!
This week for Weapons Wednesday, I tested out some of our newest tactical knives to see how well they performed at slashing and stabbing. Watch the video to see which knives did the best!

The first knife I tested was the Modern Tactical Tanto. The major highlight for me with this knife is the very thick 1065 manganese steel blade. The blade is ultra sharp and has a sharpened swedge on the top of the blade to make this tanto even better at penetration. One thing that is also unique about it is that it has an authentic hamon line which indicates that the steel has been properly heat treated. Watch the video to learn more about this tactical knife and see how it performed when I tested it out.

The next knife I reviewed was the Combat Claw Karambit. Of all the knives I tested, this one performed the best. The blade is made of a very thick stainless steel with a hammered steel design. It also full-tang and features a sawback on the back of the blade, which isn't very common for karambits. The handle is made out of micarta, giving it a very comfortable and solid grip. Be sure to watch the video to see how well this karambit slices and stabs.

The third knife I tested was the Full-Tang Samurai Tanto. This stunning knife looks more like a piece of art than a knife and will definitely be a favorite of knife collectors. With a look similar to a shirasaya sword, these knives have a very sleek look because of their beautiful wooden design and lack of hand-guard. But, can it cut? Watch the video to see how this knife performs in slashing and stabbing.

The fourth tactical knife we tested is the Stealth Stinger Knife. This small concealed knife features a ring pommel similar to a karambit, which gives it an excellent grip when holding it. It is made from a single piece of 3CR13 stainless steel with a black oxidized coating, giving it a stealthy black look. I had a lot of fun testing this tiny blade out, so make sure to watch the video to see how it handled my tests.

The last knife I reviewed was the Full-Tang Tactical Knife. This beast of a knife weighs approximately 1 lb 2 ounces and is made from a very thick piece of 1045 carbon steel. It has a full-tang blade with a textured ABS plastic handle, giving it an excellent weather resistant grip. Watch the video to see how well this exceptional knife performed at slashing and cutting.

Here's the video:

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Dana Scruggs
4/6/22 - 7:59pm
I LOVE WEAPONS WEDNESDAY! Thanks Kyle and Amanda, Namaste

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