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Which Throwing Knives are Best?

Which Throwing Knives are Best?
With so many different types of throwing knives to choose from, which ones are the best? Here is a comparison of some of the most popular throwing knives on KarateMart.com. However, we'd really like to hear from you and know what types of knives you like to throw, so please comment at the bottom of this post and let us know!

Before you begin throwing knives, there are all sorts of factors to consider. What sort of knives are good for you? How do you make your own knife target for practice? How do you throw? The Complete Knife Throwing Guide by legendary knife master Gil Hibben answers a number of these questions in ways that your favorite YouTube celebrities can only dream of.

This is a great guide for anyone starting out with throwing knives.

Speaking of YouTube celebrities, Products Guy Ian and Corbin the Formal Ninja actually star in a recent video demonstrating the techniques and lessons from Hibben's book


Now that you're ready to throw some knives, you want to start with throwing knives that are easier to manage. Knives like the Blackwater Throwing Knife Set are good starter sets because they're relatively small (just 5.5"), there are a large number of them, and each knife has a double-edged blade to increase your chances of sticking.

Similarly, kunai like the Shinobi Assassin Kunai Set are also good for these same reasons, plus the ring on the pommel is good for attaching rope, which you can then use to pull the kunai back for more throwing with much less walking. After all, you're out in your backyard to throw knives, not do a bunch of walking and bending over!

Once you've gotten the hang of things with the beginner knives, you're ready to move on to the novice level of throwing knives.

To the untrained eye, a set of knives like the Thunder Bolt Throwing Knife Set might not look more advanced, but take note that one of the edges is shorter than the other, making a successful target strike more difficult.

Meanwhile, the 9-Inch Skyhawk Throwing Knives are a bit larger (9 inches, hence the name) and heavier (weighing 4 oz each), which provides a greater challenge and even a greater workout over time.

When you've improved your knife throwing, you can move up to advanced throwing knife sets like the Black Ops Throwing Knives. These knives provide a challenge by being so variable, forcing you to adjust your throws on the fly based on the weight distribution and feel of each knife.

Even the Expendables Kunai Throwing Knives provide a challenge because they're so large and weigh over 7 ounces.

Mastering these throwing knives makes you a leader in the art of throwing knives.

Of course, throwing knives don't have to be serious business. Some people like to have creative-looking knives because they're collectors.

One popular set of throwing knives is the Shark Attack Throwing Knives, which are designed to look like a shark without sacrificing functionality.

The Dark Skull Multicolor Throwing Knives also have a cool look while still being practical.

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Let us know which throwing knives are your favorite. Comment Below!

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