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New Damascus Steel Katana Demonstration

New Damascus Steel Katana Demonstration

What's this? A high-quality katana with a sharpened Damascus steel blade? This samurai sword is a work of art, which is why we decided to do something special with it as a way to demonstrate the power and versatility of this samurai weapon.

We got the Damascus Teal Katana to give our loyal customers a nice-looking katana. The name is a play on words, since this traditional sword has a classic Damascus steel blade that is similar to a modern carbon steel material. It also has teal colored accents. This powerful samurai weapon is as deadly as it is beautiful. Which is why we used it to make a sandwich.

You can see the results of our skillful use of a 39" katana in the video below:



Contest winner

Last week we had our knife giveaway contest. We said we'd announce the winner today, and now it's time to deliver. The winner is Ikyo Bailey. Thanks go out to everyone who participated. We'll have to do more of these contests in the future.


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