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Bo Staff Battle: Steel vs. High Strength Aluminum

Bo Staff Battle: Steel vs. High Strength Aluminum

 Our ninja forges have been cranking out steel and aluminum bo staffs to meet with your demand. But the burning question you all want to know is how they stack up when it comes to durability. After considerable effort, we have your answer.

The Steel Bo Staff and the High Strength Aluminum Bo Staff have a lot in common. They are solid and metallic, and are made with specialized machined grips to keep your hands from slipping. But they are different. The obvious, measurable distinction is the weight. While the aluminum staff weighs about the same as a wooden bo, the steel staff is easily twice as heavy. This denseness in the steel bo staff is great for strength and speed training, since it modifies your muscle memory to exert more power in your strikes. 
The durability question, though, is one that has burned through our hearts for too long. We called up engineers, chemists, and even experienced welders. We went through the most obscure materials science journals and pored through all sorts of charts and graphs to find the answer. But in the end, the simple answer stared us right in the face: Just hit them together and see what sort of abuse they can take.

Watch the video below to find out the results of our experiment. If you like what you see, grab yourself a bo or two and begin a study of your own!



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Shadow N
6/19/17 - 11:06am
Good testing of both weapons (also very entertaining). As it is known in metallurgy the stronger steel will always bend or damage the weaker steel and this is more proof regarding this. Also it is a good example to know which metal is better to make combat oriented weapons (regarding steel not wood which is also good to make weapons and some kinds of wood like rattan can take quite a punishment without bending or breaking due to its flexibility). Nice testing karate mart and good concept on the building of both bo staff's.

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