Watch the Collapsible Bo Staff in Action!

Steel Spear Staff and Other New Weapons!

Steel Spear Staff and Other New Weapons!
This week for Weapons Wednesday, I thought it would be fun to show Kyle and our viewers around the warehouse to test out some of our newest weapons. Watch the video to see our new Stainless Steel Spear Staff!

The first weapon that I had Kyle review was our Black Ops Tactical Knife. He really liked the design of the blade due to its unique design and color. Not only that, he also liked that the knife used 8CR13MOV steel and had a G10 handle. The only thing he did not like about the knife was the paracord D-guard attached to the handle, which is easily removeable. Check out his full review on the video.

For the second new weapon, I sent Kyle into the stun gun section (obviously his favorite weapons to test). The Mini Anti-Grab Stun Baton is a great choice for self defense. One of our biggest questions from our viewers is if we could find a smaller version of our Anti-Grab Stun Baton, so we did just that! The pointed prongs and anti-grab stun strips make this a perfect weapon for any self defense situation. With a length of 11 3/4" and a weight of 7 ounces, it will easily be more concealable on your body or in a purse. View the video to see Kyle get shocked!

Next, I sent Kyle to the area where our Full-Tang Nata Machete is located. Right off the bat, he really liked that it was a nata in general due to its history and usefulness. It is made out of one full piece of stainless steel and comes with a nice nylon sheath. The one thing he didn't really like was the paracord wrapped handle, but sharpness of the point and the blade made up for it. See his full review in the video.

Continuing our warehouse journey, we ended up in our throwing knives section for the XL Black Throwing Knives and the XL Silver Throwing Knives. He started by gushing about the length of the 11 7/8 inch knives, which make it much easier to throw compared to similar smaller knives. The broadhead design make the balance of these weapons perfect for any throwing situation. Check the video to see how Kyle throws these knives!

For the last weapon of the video, I sent Kyle to the front of our warehouse to review the Stainless Steel Spear Staff. The sleek and sturdy bo staff was actually designed by Kyle and KOMBATIV. It is handmade in America which makes every weapon unique and different compared to any other bo staff on the market. He tested out the sharp spikes and was able to break through wood with ease. See everything that Kyle does to test this weapon in the video!

Here's the video:

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