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New Ninja Gear And Other Lethal Weapons

New Ninja Gear And Other Lethal Weapons
This week on Weapons Wednesday we took a look at some of our ninja gear and other lethal weapons. We tested out OTF knives and a blowgun ninja sword to see what they can do. Plus, for the first time, we found a weapon that we didn't want to sell. Watch the video to see the results!

The first weapon that was tested was the Spiked Medieval Flail. This weapon is one version of a medieval weapon that was primarily used by commoners. The two 5.5 ounce morningstars really gave it a unique look compared to other similar weapons. The hardwood handle was made to be very comfortable with the nylon rope around it. The chain wrist strap also gave it a nice esthetic touch. The one thing that concerned me was the fact that the chain links were not welded so I knew I had to test it out. After a couple of good hits, my suspicion was correct that the flail would break. Due to that, I made the decision to not sell this weapon to you guys for safety concerns. See the video for the full review of this weapon!

After the disappointment of the first weapon, Amanda made up for it with the Black OTF Karambit, Blue Blade OTF Karambit, and the Red Blade OTF Karambit. OTF (or out the front) knives are some of my favorite weapons for self defense. The fact that they can eject in less than three quarters of a second and can retract just a quickly, it is perfect everyday carry weapon. The three different colors of the karambits give the knives a very nice look that is hard to beat. The smooth rubberized handle makes all karambit techniques easy to do with extreme comfort. The ring on the pommel is slightly more than an inch, which is perfect for just about anyone's hand size. I can't stop gushing about these due to all of the amazing features. These OTF knives are only available at KOMBATIV.com. View the video to see these karambits in action.

For the third weapon, we took a look at the Black Cyclone Throwing Star. The seemingly typical ninja star is unique compared to most shuriken out there. The tips have a sharp point and blade that do not go all the way down the throwing star body. Not only that, but there was jimping along the inside of the body that gave it the ability to be a bladed weapon as well! It easily cut cardboard and it also stuck in deep on the wing chun dummy. The venting in the star make it a light 4.3 oz. even though it has a 6 inch diameter. Watch the video to see it slice and thrown!

The last weapon that was reviewed was the Stealth Blowgun Ninja Sword. Man, I can't believe that we never reviewed this sword! The 1045 carbon steel blade with a black finish has a beautiful straight blade and a tanto tip. Along with the black square tsuba, it has all of the characteristics of a ninjato sword. The real amazing part of this weapon was that there is a blowgun on the scabbard. It has an aluminum blowgun so that it won't rust over time with use and comes with 12 darts for you to use. It was very easy to use the blowgun and the darts were able to stick the wing chun dummy with ease. I could not get over how awesome this sword is. See the video for more details on this amazing weapon!

Here's the video:

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