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Off-Grid Survival Gear That Could Save Your Life!

Off-Grid Survival Gear That Could Save Your Life!
This week for Weapons Wednesday, we are taking a look at some of our new survival gear that could save your life. Watch the video to see some of our newest off-grid survival equipment.

The first item I reviewed was the Modern Survival Shovel. When I first looked at this item, I couldn't believe how compact it was. The entire tool comes in a very small box, but when transformed, it becomes a full-sized shovel with so many additional features. The shovel head itself is sharpened on one side to be used as an axe, and has teeth on the other side to be used as a saw. In addition to being a shovel, it also has many other hidden features like a flint firestarter, compass, thermometer, whistle, bottle opener and more. Watch the video to see how versatile this tool really is.

The next item I took a look at was the Hidden Knife Slingshot. This has never been one of my favorite products we sell because it's always felt like a gimmick to me. However, because we are going to begin selling more slingshots, I chose to show it off. Watch the video to see my review of this item.

The next couple of items I looked at were both made of paracord. Paracord is extremely useful in a survival or off-grid situation because it can be used for building shelters, hanging food above the ground, building traps and so much more.

The first paracord item I reviewed was the Paracord Survival Belt. This belt is made out of approximately 115 ft of 300lb black paracord, which is perfect for survival. My biggest problem with it is that it was too small for my waist, but as long as your waist isn't too big, it is a great product.

The other paracord item I tested out was the Hidden Knife Survival Bracelet. Similar to the survival belt, the survival bracelet was a pretty cool item, but would only work if your wrists weren't too big. Watch the video to see a closer look at the sizing of this item.

The next item I reviewed was the Personal Alarm Survival Bracelet. This is one of my favorite new items on KarateMart.com because it is so well-thoughout. It not only has 2 meters of paracord, but also comes with a compass, thermometer, whistle, flint firestarter, LED light and personal alarm. I really love everything about this bracelet, so watch the video to see my full review.

Next, I reviewed some survival books that could provide potentially life-saving information in an off-grid situation. The first book I looked at was the Wild Foods Survival Guide. This book includes all sorts of information on the different edible plants that exist in the wild. The next book was the Army Technical Manual for Rigging, which included information on tying knots, trapping, rigging, etc. The last book I looked at was the Army Survival Field Manual. This is an extensive survival manual that includes everything from building a shelter to information on different plants and animals to be aware of.

The last item I reviewed was the Black Tactical Hammer Axe. This axe features a fiber filled nylon handle, making it very difficult to break as well a thick stainless steel blade with black finish. It is perfect for camping or off-grid situations, so make sure to check out the video for my full review.

Here's the video:

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