Watch the Collapsible Bo Staff in Action!

Could This Be My New Favorite Sword?!

Could This Be My New Favorite Sword?!
This week for Weapons Wednesday, I reviewed 6 of our popular items from KarateMart.com including this beautiful Chinese sword. Check out the video to see this amazing sword.

Just like last week, I asked Amanda to surprise me with 6 random items from our warehouse. I really like this format because I never know what I am going to review, so my reviews come out very unscripted and genuine.

The first weapon I reviewed was the Gold Bat Wing Throwers. I really love all of the bat shaped throwing stars because they are really easy to stick into their target. These specific bat throwing stars are really nice because they have a shiny metallic gold color that makes them easy to spot if they land on the ground.

The next weapon I looked at was the Three-Section Converta-Staff. This weapon is awesome because it transforms from a straight bo staff into a three-sectional staff, allowing you to learn two weapons at once. I gave a really honest review of this product in the video that stated the things I like about it and the things I don't. Check out the video.

The third item I tested out today was the Ninja Diversion Bomb. Commonly known as bomb bags, these kids toys are perfect in the use of a diversionary tool. Pop the inner pouch and the bag expands until it eventually pops. If you need to distract someone while you sneak past, just throw one of these bags in the opposite direction and wait for the pop. To see it in action, check out the video.

The fourth weapon I reviewed was the Knuckle Duster Slingshot. I've never really given this unique weapon the time of day because it always seemed like such a bizarre weapon mash-up. I'm glad I got the opportunity to test it out because it gave me a new appreciation for this item.

The fifth item I looked at was the Pen Knife Flashlight. I've shown off pen knives in the past, but this one is unique because of it's LED flashlight. There were some things I liked and disliked about this item, so I would definitely check out the video to see my full review.

The last weapon I showed off was the Ming Dynasty Sword. This Chinese sword is absolutely stunning! It features so many ornamental brass plated adornments that it weighs approximately 5 lbs and you can feel the quality when you hold it. You're not gonna want to miss my review of this sword.

Here's the video:

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