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Self-Defense Canes That Could Save Your Life!

Self-Defense Canes That Could Save Your Life!
This week for Weapons Wednesday, I decided to take a look at some of the different self-defense canes we carry at KarateMart.com. In the video, I reviewed our Indestructible Plastic Hook Cane as well as some of our sword canes and even tested out our Self-Defense Stun Cane.

About 6 months ago, I made a video that tested out a bunch of our different stun guns to see if they were actually effective weapons. You can check out that video below:

After I released that video, a number of people asked whether or not I had tested out any stun canes. I had honestly never even heard of a stun cane before, so I went on a search to find the best stun cane on the market. After testing out every stun cane we could find, we chose to carry the Self-Defense Stun Cane we currently carry on KarateMart.com. However, I never actually tested the power of it out, so I knew it was necessary to have my assistent shock me in order to see if it is affective. Watch the video to see it in action.

In addition to testing the stun gun cane, I also wanted to give a fair review of our indestructible plastic hook cane. After spending some time working with it, I learned that it is a really well made cane with many similarities to a wooden cane, but with the advantage of being made out of a virtually indestructible fiber-filled nylon material.

I also chose to review some of the more popular hidden sword canes that we carry on KarateMart.com. In doing this, I took a look at the different types of connection methods the different sword canes use and what the advantages and disadvantages are of each of them.

Here are the products I tested in this video:

Indestructible Plastic Hook Cane

2) Hidden Assault Sword Cane

3) Travelers Sword Cane

4) Hidden Sword Cane

5) Tactical Sword Cane

6) Self-Defense Stun Cane

Here's the Video:

Which self-defense cane is your favorite?

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