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7 Popular Self-Defense Keychains Reviewed & Tested

7 Popular Self-Defense Keychains Reviewed & Tested
This week for Weapons Wednesday, we tested out some of the most popular self-defense keychains on the market today! Make sure to watch the video to see us do some extreme testing of each self-defense keyring.

The first self-defense keychain we reviewed was the Cat Self-Defense Keychain. This specific key chain has been one of our best sellers for years, so it was a no-brainer to test it out. In addition, Amanda has personally had this weapon on her keyring for a couple of years now, so she has a good idea of how well it works. While this is one of the more basic self-defense weapons out there, it still held up very nicely to some strikes against the wing chun dummy.

The next keychain we tested was the My Kitty Self-Defense Keychain. Besides being one of the most popular self-defense keychains on the market today, we chose to review this one because it is made in America and because it is so thin that we had to make sure it wasn't going to break during use. The thing I personally liked the most about this weapon was that it was so thin that you could hardly even notice it was in your pocket. But, can it withstand the abuse? Watch the video to see how it does!

The third keychain we tested was the Shar-Key Self-Defense Keychain. This keyring is set apart from everything else in this video because it is larger than the rest. The nice thing about it's size is that you can get a firmer grip on it, but the downside is that it is more difficult to conceal. Of course, we needed to test it, so watch the video to see how it held up.

Next, we tested one of our newest weapons, the Shar-Key Tooth Self-Defense Keyring. This is by far the smallest weapon we reviewed today. It is only about 1" tall and fits in your pocket perfectly. My biggest concern was that it would hurt your hand to use, but I love the fact that it has a sharpened tip on it. We tested it against some pretty durable items, so make sure to watch the video.

Perhaps the most intimidating keychains we reviewed were the Black Skull Spiked Keychain and the White Skull Spiked Keychain. Both of these skull shaped self-defense keychains have an evil look and a large enough shape to get a solid grasp on. The size of the skull itself made the perfect palm grip for someone with large hands, but will it work for someone with smaller hands? Watch the video!

The next weapon we tested was the Cat Spike Keychain. This is another one that we have been selling for many years and have gotten mixed reviews on. I love the fact that it is made from a durable and light-weight aluminum, but we've had a number of customers mention that the hole diameters are slightly too small for someone with larger hands. So, of course Kyle and Amanda had to test this out to see if that was the case.

The last self-defense weapon we tested was the Cat Attack Keychain. We reviewed this keychain a little while back and the thing that stuck out about it was how comfortable it was. It has a rubberized grip that makes using it much more comfortable than others we reviewed. Of course, with every one of these keychains, there are positives and negatives, so be sure to watch the video to see what we thought of each of them.

Here's the video:

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