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Are Self-Defense Weapons Worth Carrying? We Tested Them!

Are Self-Defense Weapons Worth Carrying? We Tested Them!
This week for Weapons Wednesday, we tested out some of the common concerns people have with self-defense weapons. For instance, if you spray pepper spray in a windy area, will it blow back into your face? Watch the video for the answer to this question and many others.

The first question I tried to answer in this weeks video was "how easily will a collapsible baton break if you strike it against something?". This is a very common question we get, so I felt like I should take some time to answer it. Honestly, it depends on the baton. Most expandable batons are heat treated, which makes them extremely durable. However, it is important to do your research and choose one that won't bend easily. So, I decided to test two of our most popular batons to see how much damage they could take.

The first baton I tested was our Spring-Loaded Expandable Baton. This is definitely one of our most popular batons because it is very well-made and has a glass-breaker on the end in case you get trapped inside your car. In addition to testing out that baton, I also decided to do a strength test on the pocket baton I showed off in last weeks video. The Black Extendable Baton Keychain is one of my favorite expandable batons because it is extremely compact and can fit nicely in your pocket. But, because it is so small and inexpensive, I wanted to test out it's strength as well.

After testing the batons, I showed out our new Slim Grip Knuckle Duster. The thing that makes this brass knuckle unique is that it is so thin that it fits in your pocket perfectly. But, it's very important to check your local laws before purchasing a brass knuckle because they are illegal in many locations. But, what I really wanted to know was how durable are plastic self-defense knuckle weapons. We carry a lot of plastic self-defense weapons and I am always leery of their strength, so I wanted to test a couple of them out.

The first one I tested was the Black Plastic Knuckle Duster. This ABS plastic brass knuckle is so light that I was worried that it might not be strong enough to withstand some tough striking, so I tested it out. I also tested the White Skull Spiked Keychain, which is another awesome self-defense keychain that looks great, but has two little fangs that I was worried might not be strong enough to withstand impact. Watch the video to see how they both did.

The next question I wanted to answer was "If you use a stun gun against an attacker and he grabs you, will you get shocked as well?". I've always been curious about this and wanted to know the answer, so we used one of our newest stun guns, the Umbrella Disguised Stun Gun to test that theory. One of the other KarateMart.com teammates was kind enough to test this theory with me, so make sure you don't miss the video.

After testing out the stun gun, I wanted to answer the question of whether or not personal alarm stun guns are an effective self-defense tool. Sure, they are loud and attract attention if you are being attacked, but wouldn't it be better just to yell as loud as you can? That's a great question that should be considered when buying a personal alarm keychain. In this video, we tested the Hidden Lipstick Alarm which looks exactly like a lipstick container and the Personal Alarm Keychain, which is one of our loudest personal alarms.

The last thing we wanted to test in this video was the problem of pepper spray blowback. For instance, what happens if you use pepper spray in a really windy area and it blows back into your face? Some people have mentioned that concern to me in the past, so I thought it would be a good idea to test it out in real life. Watch the video...you won't want to miss this!

Here's the video:

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