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Practical Self-defense Weapon: Kubotan

Last week we discussed how to properly use pepper spray as a self-defense weapon. This week the staff at KarateMart.com would like to share our insight on another practical self-defense weapon, the kubotan.

Apart from its size and shape, much of the kubotanís usage is quite similar to the yawara stick. As with the yawara stick, the principal areas for attacks in self-defense include bony, fleshy and nerve targets such as the bridge of the nose, knuckles, shins, forearms, solar plexus, stomach, spine, temple, ribs, groin, neck, eyes etc. Typically, the kubotan is held in one of two ways; an ice pick grip or a forward grip. An ice pick grip is used for hammerfist strikes and a forward grip is used for stabbing and pressure point attacks.

When the kubotan is used as a pressure point compliance weapon, it can attack any point a finger can while providing greater penetration because of the smaller surface area of the ends. A great example of this is when a police officer has a suspect in a head lock, he can use the kubotan to simultaneously dig the end into the small of his back. This will help subdue the suspect faster. An officer also has the option of digging the kubotan into the suspectís pectoral muscle which would cause the suspect severe pain.

Kubotans are considered to be a practical self-defense weapon because you can easily conceal them by attaching one to a key ring. Doing so allows for easy access in the event of an unwanted assault by an assailant. Thanks to the ease of access, you will catch your assailant off guard by applying the kubotan keychain to one of his or her pressure points.

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