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Self-Defense Keychains That Could Save Your Life!

Self-Defense Keychains That Could Save Your Life!
This week for Weapons Wednesday, I wanted to test out some of our self-defense keychains to see which ones would actually be effective in a life-and-death situation.

In this video, I reviewed everything from Pepper Spray to Stun Guns to Kubatons because I wanted to give a broad selection of the different self-defense items that are available depending on your martial arts skill level. But, instead of just showing off and discussing the various weapons, I actually tested them all out so that you could get an accurate representation of what they are capabable of. For each of these items, I also discuss the positive aspects of them as well as the things that I don't like about them so that you get an honest review of each one.

Here are the hidden weapons I reviewed in this video:

1) UV Dye Pepper Spray

2) Personal Alarm Stun Gun

3) Cat Spike Keychain

4) Cat Self-Defense Keychain

5) Large Monkey Fist Keychain

6) Push Dagger Keychain

7) Shar-Key Self-Defense Keychain

8) Ribbed Grip Kubotan Keychain

9) Hidden Knife Kubotan Keyring

Here's the Video:

Which self-defense keychain is your favorite?

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