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Hidden Blade Knuckles and Other Dangerous Weapons!

Hidden Blade Knuckles and Other Dangerous Weapons!
This week for Weapons Wednesday, we decided to take a look at a couple of our automatic knives in our video Hidden Blade Knuckles and Other Dangerous Weapons! With a knuckle duster with an automatic hidden blade, an OTF pearl stiletto, a bowie knife and a kora sword, it's hard not to get hooked on these new items. Tune into the video to see the full review on each item!

For the first weapon that I reviewed and tested, we took a look at the Black Hidden Blade Knuckles and the Hidden Blade Knuckles. Not only can these be used as knuckle dusters, they also have a hidden hawkbill blade that eject with a push of a button! The blade is small, only having a one inch blade, but it is still very effective, especially at slicing things (poor wing chun dummy). The button locks into place so the blade won't hurt you in any way. The body of the knuckle duster is made out of a zinc aluminum alloy, making them light and easy to carry. With the diameter of the holes being decently large, just about any hand size will be able to use these knuckles. Be sure to check your local laws though since there are huge restrictions with automatic ejecting blades and knuckle dusters. See the video so you can see how awesome these are!

Next, I reviewed the Rugged Combat Bowie Knife. This bowie knife impresses me from the weight, which is approximately two pounds. The blade is very sharp with a sharp tip as well, which is typically for a bowie knife. The blade is made out of some sort of stainless steel, but the manufacturer did not tell us what type. My guess is that it's a very thick (3/4") 3CR13 stainless steel blade. The blade also had a fuller in the blade and a choil which will help with utility purposes. It is full tang with very beautiful black pakkawood scales that are held together by brass pins. The pommel also is very durable and can even destroy a coconut! This knife also comes with a genuine leather sheath to keep it protected while you're carrying it. Be sure to see the video to get the full review!

The third weapon that I tested out was the High-Impact Kora Sword. Kora swords are very unique since they originated in Nepal and were used by the Gurka soldiers. They have a wide flair tip on top of the sword that makes it great for chopping and slashing. It also gives you more momentum in your swings that can help with any difficult task. This kora sword is completely made out of polypropylene, which means that there is no metal whatsoever in this weapon. There is a unique waterdrop design on the blade itself which gives it an excellent aesthetic appeal. The handle has a snake skin like design which makes it very comfortable to hold. It also has a large hand guard and large pommel which are typical with kora swords. It only weighs one pound as well, making it very easy to carry. Watch the video to see the full review!

Lastly I ended up taking a look at the White Pearl OTF Stiletto that is only available at KOMBATIV.com. OTF knives stand are "out of front" knife which means it can eject and retract the blade very quickly. For this specific one though, the first noticeable feature on this knife is the aesthetically pleasing acrylic scales with a pearl design. The knife also has a very thick steel liner that makes it very heavy duty. This stiletto is made in Italy which is a very unique feature for an OTF knife. The blade is made out of AUS-8 steel, which originated in Japan and is very corrosion resistant and very easy to sharpen. Stilettos are more of a stabbing weapon than a slicing weapon, but both sides of the blade are still very sharp with a VERY sharp tip. This It also comes with a nylon sheath with a belt loop for easy transportation and storage. Once again, it is only available on KOMBATIV.com. Tune into the video to see how great this OTF knife is!

Here's the video:

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