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Modern Combat Morning Star and Other Lethal Weapons

Modern Combat Morning Star and Other Lethal Weapons
Make sure to tune in to watch our newest Weapons Wednesday video, the Modern Combat Morning Star and Other Lethal Weapons. We reviewed everything from a wakizashi, folding karambit, neck knife, and obviously a morning star. Be sure to watch the video to see all of these awesome weapons!

The first weapon that I review this week was the Carbon Fiber Neck Knife. Right away, I knew that this would be a great neck knife due to the very sturdy sheath with a breakaway chain. There are some people who like paracord more, but I prefer breakaway chains for self defense purposes. When I saw the blade itself, I was very impressed. Not only does it have a nice two-toned look to it, but it also is made from D2 steel, which is very durable and has excellent edge retention. It has a spear point blade with a false edge on the top and also has a bottle cap opener. The handle is made from G10 with a nice carbon fiber texture over the top, which not only gives a stealthy look to it, it also gives it a very esthetically pleasing design. It has an index figure indent to make it much easier to take it out of the sheath. It has an excellent weight, blade and total length which is why this is one of my new favorite neck knives. Tune into the video to see all of the great features this knife has!

Next up was the Dark Assassin Tactical Wakizashi. This sword takes a modern approach to traditional wakizashi. Wakizashis are short swords that was typically used as a backup sword in the past which is typically paired with a katana. The first thing we took a look at was the scabbard. The scabbard is made out of wood with a matte black finish to it, and also has faux leather wrapping underneath the sturdy cloth sageo. Even though the scabbard is more traditional, the rest of the sword is not. The tsuka is made out of a thermoplastic rubber, which makes it very comfortable to hold. The tsuba and pommel are made out of a brushed steel. The pommel oversized, but it helps with making the sword balanced better. The full-tang blade itself is made out of a 1060 carbon steel, which is known for being tougher and keeps its edge better than a 1045 carbon steel blade. The sharp blade also has a black finish to it, which also helps with corrosion resistance. Check out the video to see this sword in action!

The third weapon we reviewed was the Tactical Trailing Point Karambit that is only available on KOMBATIV.COM. This karambit was definitely one of my favorites today! The scales of the folding karambit is made out of a very comfortable G10 and has an ergonomic grip to it. The knife also has a removeable belt clip which can be switched from right handed to left handed people, or you can simply choose to remove it. It also features a VERY smooth ball bearings that make the karambit open and close with ease. The blade itself has a trailing point blade that is very sharp and has a very sharp tip. It is made out of 440C stainless steel, which makes it harder with better edge retention while still being corrosion resistant. The blade is also modified by having a straight section of the blade that can be used for more utility purposes, like cutting rope. The knife also has a lot of jimping on various areas, which gives you more control in forward and reverse grip. The ring on the knife does not have any jimping or rough areas, which is what I prefer for transitioning from reverse to extended grip. Once again, it is only available on KOMBATIV.COM. See the video to get the full review!

The last weapon that we took a look at was the Modern Combat Morning Star. This is the definition of a modern take of a historical weapon, just like the wakizashi. A morning star is a spiked ball that is mounted on to a shaft, which is very similar to a mace. The modern take of this morning star is that it is made completely out of polypropylene, making it very sturdy and hard to break. This would be great for any cosplay purposes since the points are dull, but it can also be a great weapon if needed. The pointed spike on the top of the weapon makes this great for thrusting and also has a very large flat area on the pommel which can be used for hammer strikes as well. The handle has a ribbed grip on it which helps with having more control of the morning star. Lastly, it has a hole on the pommel where you can add a wrist strap as well. View the video to see what damage it can do!

Here's the video:

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