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Solid Metal Tonfa and Other Lethal Weapons!

Solid Metal Tonfa and Other Lethal Weapons!
This week for Weapons Wednesday, Amanda chose her favorite weapons from the KarateMart armory for us to test out. Watch the video to see our reviews of each of these lethal weapons.

Over the past year, many of our viewers have mentioned how much they enjoy seeing Amanda in our videos, so this week, we decided to let Amanda choose her favorite items to test out.

The first weapon she chose was the Solid Brass Dragon Tekko. I've shown off this weapon in a previous video, but I'm glad she chose it because it is such a beautiful and unique weapon that deserves more attention. In feudal Japan, citizens weren't allowed to have weapons and farmers were having a problem with people coming onto their properties and stealing their crops. So, the decided to start making their own weapons from farming utensils and other things they would find on their properties. This style of tekko actually originated from the stirups of a horse. They are made of solid brass and shined up into a beautiful looking weapon that is both functional and stunning. Watch the video to learn more about this fascinating weapon.

The second weapon Amanda brought for me to test out was the Snake Bite Stun Gun. I originally showed off this self-defense weapon in my very first stun gun video, but we never really fully tested it out. So, as usual, I had Amanda stun me to see how powerful it is. The thing I like most about this stun gun is that it has spikes in the front, so you have an additional weapon to use in case the stun is not enough to incapacitate your attacker. Be sure to watch the video to see us test it out.

The third weapon I reviewed was the Black Mantis Claws. Inspired by a very popular sci-fi movie, these deadly weapons are some of the sharpest blades I've ever encountered. I've tested these before in a previous video, but I'm glad I had the opportunity to test them again.

The next weapon Amanda chose was the Solid Aluminum Tonfa. We originally designed these solid metal tonfa to be a training weapon specifically for the purpose of training your body to handle a heavy pair of tonfa so that when you switch back to a lighter pair, you will be much faster, but they can also be used for combat purposes. I've never shown these off in a video before, so I was very excited to actually test them out by striking some very tough objects. Make sure to watch the video to see how well they perform.

The last weapon Amanda brought for me to test out was the Automatic Spring-Loaded Baton. I've reviewed other spring-loaded police batons in the past, but this is a new 26" version of one of our most popular styles. The thing I like the most about this specific automatic baton is that the metal has been hardened in a way that makes them extremely durable. So, in order to test it out, I struck it against some concrete. Watch the video to see how well this police baton held up.

Here's the video:

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Dana M. Scruggs
6/8/22 - 4:56pm
Another great Weapons Wednesday! I could not find the "Community" Tab. I liked the Baton the best. It can be easily carried. It's practical, reliable, and durable! Simplicity is elegance! Dana(br /)(br /) (b)Thanks Dana!(/b) The "Community Tab" seems to only show up when you are viewing YouTube through a computer browser. Hopefully that helps! Have an excellent week!

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