Watch the Collapsible Bo Staff in Action!

Win a Free Shirt in Our Pole Climbing Challenge

Win a Free Shirt in Our Pole Climbing Challenge

 Hey, want a free shirt? Come Find out how.

Here's how it works. Watch our Instagram video featuring friend and USAPL Powerlifting Champion, Shane Smith, performing a pole climb with our Steel Bo Staff. Then, make your own video using either a bo staff, a stick, or even a broom where you do the same thing. Then post your video on Instagram and tag us @karatemart with hashtag #PoleClimbingChallenge. Any US resident who succeeds in imitating this bo staff pole climb gets a free t-shirt!


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3 Comment(s)
10/12/16 - 3:05pm
It looks like you need to plant the pole against something solid, so it doesn't move around while your doing this. I tried this on a 5' wooden staff. It went from easy, to wow, I really need to practice this. This seems more difficult than an iguana push-up, or a one leg pistol squat.
KarateMart (Kyle)
10/12/16 - 4:59pm
Yep, I agree Bryan! I tried it myself and made it all the way, but wasn't able to do all the one arm pole releases that Shane Smith was able to do. We are pretty lenient on this contest, so as long as you post a video to Instagram of you doing it, we will send you a shirt if you live in the United States. Just remember to tag @karatemart and use the hashtag #PoleClimbingChallenge.
5/31/17 - 11:31am
I won the pole climbing contest and i got a free shirt. the shirt was too small so Im magic mike now

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