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Brass Knuckles - Are They Too Dangerous To Have?!

Brass Knuckles - Are They Too Dangerous To Have?!
Have you ever tried upper-cutting a piece of fruit? It's harder than it looks! With the advent of versatile and interesting knuckle dusters in the modern day, some are asking "Should these even be legal?" With many state and local municipalities already answering that question in the negative, Ian and Amanda took this week to demonstrate what happens when you hit a spaghetti squash with some brass knuckles. Just for funsies.

First up this week, the duo shows off the Vigilante Knuckle Knife. This epic double weapon is a perfectly suitable folding knife mixed with a perfectly normal knuckle duster, bringing you a combination that gets you outlawed in some states.

As mentioned in the video and on the product page, be aware of how the blade folds, as it will kiss your fingers if you have them through the knuckle holes at the wrong time! This light weight and spring-assisted knife is a great knuckle duster, but it is considered a trench knife. Do you think it should be legal?

Next up is the Small Handed Knuckle Duster, which makes Amanda really happy! Seriously, it can be difficult for women or those with smaller hands to find a good set of knuckles that don't flop around and ultimately hurt while you train or try to defend yourself. These are great for a tight fit on petit hands, which you just don't see everyday.

These black metal knuckles also come with the legendary belt buckle attachment, which allows many knuckle dusters to be sold legally in restricted states. They become a fashion accessory that just happens to work like a self-defense weapon in a time of need. Do you think having this loop hole is good for brass knuckles?

And now for something a bit 'normal', as far as KarateMart.com weapons go! The Cord Wrapped Knuckle Duster is more what you'll generally see when you're looking for a knuckle duster. What makes this set cooler than it's shining brass cousins in the matte black finish that makes it stealthier, and the paracord wrapping that gives you a snug fit, no matter how small or large your fingers and knuckles are.

These solid steel knuckle dusters can be the best 'paperweight' in your collection. They have the wide oval finger holes as well as the flat tops that give even more punishment when you have to make impact. Plus, they look about as cool as it gets, almost with a steampunk or post-apocalypse kind of feel. Would you want to get someone in trouble for carrying these around day to day?

Lastly, Ian and Amanda take the safety off and pull out some automatic knives. Modeled in exactly the same way, they show off the Camo OTF Trench Knife and the Venom OTF Knuckle Knife. These out the front knives are identical in their construction and design, and they are popular favorites of those that are into trench knives.

With a button to control the deployment and retracting of the spear point blade, these OTF knuckle knives are going to cut whatever you need in a jiffy. But, in the case that you don't want to bring a knife to a knuckle fight, you can just use the spiked knuckles to punch your way through the problem. Literally. You should see what Ian does to a poor unsuspecting watermelon in the video! Both of these are available on KOMBATIV.

As usual, we appreciate you watching, and thanks for being awesome! Take part of the conversation on our YouTube Channel and in the comments of the video. Please be careful when owning or operating any weapon, and make sure to check your local laws before purchasing. Have a great week and we'll see you next time!

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