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Security Weapons to Protect Yourself and the Ones You Love

Security Weapons to Protect Yourself and the Ones You Love
While we're still looking for a new host to take over Weapons Wednesday, we decided to release a new video, Security Weapons to Protect Yourself and the Ones You Love! We really thought about what kind of self-defense and home protection weapons that would keep you safe, whether it's in or out of your house. We have an expandable baton, steel fist gloves, tire thumpers, and a tactical flashlight. Now you can be protected either while walking down the street or if someone is in your house. Watch the video to see the full review!

The first weapon that Kyle reviewed this week was the Night Security Tactical Flashlight. Though this only looks like a standard flashlight to the untrained eye, this has so many beneficial uses for self-defense. The first great feature of this flashlight is that it comes with a very heavy nylon sheath with a belt loop to make sure you can carry it on your person at all times. The flashlight itself is made out of a very thick walled aluminum alloy, so it will be able to withstand a lot of abuse. The body itself also has a ribbed grip which makes it comfortable to hold while also giving you better control. There is also even more added protection from losing your flashlight since it has a wrist strap as well. This is also more than just a bashing weapon, using the flashlight is a very good way to blind your attacker (or Amanda in this case). The flashlight has three settings, a dull light, a bright light and a strobe light; you also have the ability to change the size of the light itself. Besides being a flashlight, it is very sharp spikes that you can use once you take off a part of the flashlight. Not only that, if you take the bottom cap of the flashlight off, there is also a large glass breaker that can be used for non-lethal strikes. Lastly, it is rechargeable and comes with a USB cord so you can have this for a long time to come. See the video to get the full review!

The second weapon that was reviewed was a weapon that did not make the cut to our standards, the Hard Knuckle Tactical Gloves. It is made out of polyester and spandex, while also having a 3D printed grip. The gloves themselves are have some metal on the gloves, but they were not in an ideal place for punching. This is something we may be interested in the future though with some modifications. View the video to see what they look like!

After that slight disappointment, we took a look at the Steel Fist Gloves These things are awesome! Not only do these SAP gloves look like regular working gloves, but they also have so many added features for self-defense. These are made out of genuine goat skin leather with a mix of spandex, so they will be able to hold up for any situation that you need them in. They are one size fits most, so just about everyone can wear these without issue. They weigh about eight ounces per glove, so they will be able effective while not being overly heavy. Check out the video to see what they can do!

Next up was the Spring-Loaded Expandable Baton. We have shown this off in previous videos a few times, but this thing is so awesome that we had to include it in this video! It has a honeycomb rubberized grip on the baton, which gives you great control of the baton. For even more control, there is a wrist strap on the bottom for even more control. It also has a steel glass breaker on the bottom which can be used to escape a car or for non-lethal strikes. There is a safety lock on the baton to make sure that it does not accidentally pop open when you're carrying it. Once the safety is off, then the real fun can begin. With the push of the baton, the baton has a spring-loaded mechanism that will full eject your baton. The steel part of the baton has been heat treated so that makes the baton even stronger than standard ones. It can even destroy a concrete block without it even blemishing the baton. See the video to watch how it destroyed the concrete block!

For the five weapon we took a look at, there was actually two! They are the Solid Aluminum Tire Thumper and the Aluminum Thumper With Grip, which are both made by KOMBATIV.com. Both of these tire thumpers have a unique, modernized design of a tradition truck driver's tool. Even though these were made for truckers, they still make a great home protection weapon if needed. Both of these are both fully made in the USA by KOMBATIV, so you know these have great quality! Both tire thumpers have a diameter of approximately one inch and they both also come with a sturdy nylon sheath with a belt loop. For the Solid Aluminum Tire Thumper, it is made out of one solid piece of an aluminum alloy which makes it VERY strong. It has a machined ribbed grip that gives you added control while still being very strong. This one is the heavier of the two and it weighs one pound, 2.8 ounces. The Aluminum Thumper With Grip has the same design idea as the last one, but with some different modifications. Instead of being solid aluminum, this one is a thick walled hollow aluminum which takes the weight down to 8.7 ounces. The other obvious difference is the black rubberized grip that makes it very comfortable to hold and to give more control. Once again, these are only available on KOMBATIV.com. Watch the video to see what they can do!

The last weapon that we reviewed was the Problem Solver Defense Bat. This is no ordinary baseball bat, it is actually made out of one solid piece of polypropylene so it will be able to withstand a lot of abuse. The bat itself has a wood grain texture on it, so it gives the feeling of a baseball bat but without the splinters. Since it is black, it is easier to keep hidden in your home in case you need it against an attacker. It also gives you more momentum to your swing since it weighs over three pounds which is twice as much as a standard baseball bat. Even though the design is simple, it is EXTREMELY effective. Tune into the video to see what it can do!

Here's the video:

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