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5 Unusual Weapons You've Never Seen Before

5 Unusual Weapons You've Never Seen Before
This week for Weapons Wednesday, I asked Amanda to grab 5 of our most unusual new items for me to test out. Watch the video to see what I thought of each of them!

The first weapon Amanda brought to me was the Trench Knife Balisong. The thing I found so fascinating about that weapon is that it is both a trench knife and a butterfly knife at the same time. I also really liked the fact that it had a combo edge blade with a serrated section. Watch the video to see my full review of this product!

The second weapon I tested out was the Steel Nunchaku. Probably the most awesome thing about these nunchaku is that they are hand-made in the United States by a company called Kombativ. At over 2 lbs each, these nunchaku are extremely heavy, making them a perfect training tool for increasing your speed when you revert back to a standard pair of wooden nunchaku. They are also available in a black steel version, so you can have a pair that is a little more stealthy if that is your goal. Make sure to watch the video to see me test them out!

The third weapon I reviewed was the Spring Steel Chinese Pudao. This Chinese weapon is know for being used in the Chinese infantry for cutting the legs of horses during battle. This specific pudao is hand-forged from a 65Mn Spring Steel which is known for being very hard and having excellent edge retention. Watch the video to see me test it out!

The fourth weapon I tested was the Stealth Tactical Hand Axe. While this is a very unusual weapon, I really enjoyed testing it out. I love how the blade has a powder coating on it that makes it very corrosion resistant and gives it a unique look. Because of the ring on the pommel, I decided to test it out in a few different grips to see which would be the most effective way to hold it. Make sure to watch the video to see what I thought!

The last weapon I reviewed was the Dark Legion Ninjato Sword. While the history behind ninjato swords is very murky, they are generally known to have shorter straight blades and square tsubas. This sword doesn't have a short blade or a square tsuba, so it is more of a hybrid mix of both a ninjato and a katana. Perhaps the most interesting thing about this sword is it's blue anodized blade. There are so many little details put into this sword that really impressed me. Watch the video to see my full review.

Here's the video:

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