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5 Unusual Weapons You Wish You Had!

5 Unusual Weapons You Wish You Had!
This week for Weapons Wednesday, we tested out 5 of our newest weapons on KarateMart.com, including our new nagamaki! Watch the video to see me how all these new weapon hold up.

The first weapon I tested was the Saber Tooth Ulu Knife. Ulu knives have a very interesting history behind them. They've been used by indigenous people in places like Alaska and Northern Canada for thousands of years for many tasks including skinning animals and meal preparation. But, they also make an excellent weapon! Be sure to watch the video to see me test this awesome Ulu knife out!

The second weapon I reviewed was the Military Brass Knuckle Duster. This antique looking knuckle duster is inspired by a WW1 trench knife and is made from solid brass. It makes an excellent gift because it can be used as both a knuckle duster and a bottle opener. Watch the video to see my full review of this self-defense keychain.

The third weapons I tested were the Stealth Knuckle Axe and the Crimson Knuckle Axe. This is definitely one of the most unique looking weapons in this video, but I was concerned about the effectiveness of it. It has two knuckle holes on the handle that allow you to retain your weapon more effectively, but that also keeps you from being able to use your axe for throwing. I really scrutinized this weapon, so make sure to watch the video to see my full review.

The fourth weapon I reviewed was the Ultralight Speed Stiletto. I really like this stiletto because of it's ball-bearing pivot and how light weight it is. The only thing I didn't like about it was the 3CR13 stainless steel it was made from. But, because of the fact that it's a stiletto, which is primarily a stabbing weapon, the steel type doesn't really bother me. Watch the video to see my honest review of this weapon.

The last weapon I tested was the Modern Warrior Nagamaki. Out of all the weapons in this video, this is definitely my favorite. It is made from a very thick piece of 1065 carbon steel sandwiched between two other pieces of steel, making this an incredibly tough sword. Because of how well built this sword is, I put it through some very rough testing. Make sure to watch the video to see how it performed.

Here's the video:

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