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The Most Unusual Weapons You've Ever Seen!

The Most Unusual Weapons You've Ever Seen!
This week for Weapons Wednesday, we took a look back at some of our most popular unusual weapons that we reviewed in the past couple years. Everything from historic to more modern weapons, we worked hard to bring the most unique items that we carry. Check out our video to see which weapons that we reviewed and tested.

For our first unusual weapon, I reviewed the Brass Tiger Claws. This one was one of my favorites since the first time we tested them out. Not only are they made of solid brass, but they also have four sharp claws that can intimidate just about anyone. They perfect size for most hand sizes and they also come in a pair, so there isn't anything to dislike about these fist-loading weapons. Check out the video to see this weapon in action!

The second weapon I tested out was the Tactical Walking Stick War Hammer. This weapon was such a long time ago, but I can see why Amanda chose this one. The very heavy stainless steel axe head can really damage just about anything you can think of. The nylon fiber handle is also strong and durable that won't break on you with your strong hits. This weapon can be perfect for walking in the woods while also having extra protection when you need it. See the video to see what damage this hammer can really do!

The next weapon I reviewed was the Interchangeable Spike Aluminum Tonfa. These tonfa are more than just your typical training tonfa, they also have the added benefit to change out the tips for spikes. Made from a hollow aluminum, these tonfa will build your arm strength with use, while also being able to have an additional weapon. These easy to switch out tonfa tips are also sold in a pair, so you will be able to practice your training without having to buy two separate ones. Be sure to watch the video to see how strong they really are!

The fourth weapon I tested was the Spiked Combat Club. This weapon that we reviewed a while ago is different from other polypropylene items that we carry. It not only can be used for cosplay purposes, is also strong enough to withstand a beating! The sharp points all along the top and the glass breaker on the bottom make it much stronger than a wooden club. The grip also allow you to swing this bad boy as hard as you can. Look at the video to see how strong this club really is.

For the fifth weapon that we reviewed, we took a look at the Military Trench Cleaver. Despite us recently showing this weapon off, it's still one of the most unique cleavers that we carry. It has many different features that make it perfect for combat use, or even just as a kitchen utensil. Not only is intimidating, it also has the added history of being a replica of a trench knife used during World War I. See the video to see me really test out the strength this time.

For the first time ever, we actually reviewed a sixth weapon which is the Gunstock War Club. Amanda had a difficult time to find just five items, so she ended up choosing an additional one. Not only does the club have an interesting and unusual design, but the history behind this weapon make it very unique. It has a beautiful Damascus blade that is perfectly complimented by the polished wooden handle and the brass studs. Be sure to watch the video to see me test it out!

Here's the video:

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