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Spiked Combat Club and Other New Weapons!

Spiked Combat Club and Other New Weapons!
This week for Weapons Wednesday, I reviewed and tested 6 of our newest weapons including this spiked combat club. Make sure to watch the video to see what I think of each item.

The first weapon I tested out was the Brass Cat Defense Keychain. I've shown off some of the cat self-defense keychains in previous videos, but this one is molded from solid brass and feels extremely well made. In order to test how comfortable this self-defense keychain is on your hand when you use it, I decided to test it out on a watermelon. Watch the video to see my full review.

The second weapon I reviewed was the Stealth Cat Ring. These self-defense rings are available in multiple colors and are so easy to conceal. In the video, I addressed one of the biggest criticisms of this weapon and even tested them out on a watermelon. Be sure to watch the video to see how they fare.

The third weapon I took a look at was the Hidden Blade Mace. Not only is this a robust medieval weapon, but it has a hidden blade within the shaft of the mace that turns it into two-weapons-in-one. I love the fact that when you take out the hidden sword, you are left with a mace and a sword to use at the same time. While it is probably meant to be more of a fantasy weapon, it really is a cool hidden weapon to add to your arsenal.

The fourth weapon I reviewed was the Needle Point Neck Knife. I guess the thing I like the most about this neck knife in comparison to others I've shown off in the past is that it is so small and easy to conceal. The entire knife is only around 3.5" long, making it very easy to hide underneath your shirt. Watch the video to see what I liked and disliked about this hidden weapon.

The fifth weapon I showed off was the Mini Hand Axe. I guess the thing I found so intriguing about this weapon is how unique it looks. Because of it's small size, it would be very easy to conceal, but I was a little concerned about how much control you would have over a weapon that small. Make sure to watch the video to see my full unbiased review of this unique knife.

The last weapon I tested was the Spiked Combat Club. I was really excited to review this weapon because I love weapons made from materials like polypropylene and nylon. It has a really hefty weight to it, giving it a lot of momentum when you swing it. I also really love the fact that it has a spiked pommel which gives you the ability to strike with the butt of the weapon in addition to it's head. Because this is such a unique weapon, I wanted to strike a watermelon with it to see how it would hold up. Watch the video to see the results.

Here's the video:

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