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Dark Spiked War Club, Combat Claw, and Other Deadly Weapons!

Dark Spiked War Club, Combat Claw, and Other Deadly Weapons!
What is Wednesday without a review of spikes and blades?! Not a day we want to have in our week. The Modern Ninja provides and excellent overview and history of each weapon, and then demonstrates them with a modern twist! Which would you take home and add to your collection? While this week's items boast as zombie slayers, they can function as practical weapons as well, giving you spikes and blades when you need it. Plus, stick around for the part with the flames. It is EPIC!

So the Modern Ninja is back in action! DJ starts us off with the Dark Spiked War Club, which is the crazed punk rock version of a baseball bat. After giving a brief history lesson, it's time for the swings and moves that would knock any villain out of the park! The spikes are removeable and thus adjustable, so you can layer them how you like.

Next up is the Hidden Red Blade Baton, and DJ's enthusiasm for this weapon shows! He gets to show off the baton version, the spike version, and any combination in between. The red anodized blade really sets this one apart from the pack, although being a concealed blade of this size will raise eyebrows no matter what color!

Continuing on in the video, we come to the Black Tactical Kukri, which is available at KOMBATIV. This traditional knife has modern materials and enough sharpened edge to make easy work out of trimming the forest. We love the smooth black finish and composite grip, which the Modern Ninja shows off in great fashion. With a slicer and dicer by your side, you won't have any issues out in the wild.

Last on this week's list is the Blood Splatter Combat Claw! This awesome wolverine-style weapon has the construction and sharpened blades to take the cake and cut in into mincemeat. The stainless steel is razor sharp, but the minimalist frames prevents them from being too heavy and putting strain on your hand. Check out the similar styles of the Dark Skull Combat Claw and the Combat X-Claw. All of these are sold individually, so keep that in mind if you want sharpened nails on both hands.

To top off a great video from the Modern Ninja showing off some great weapons this week, it's time for a bit of fire! DJ not only knows what he's doing, but he can film it like a pro as well! Watch till the end, and enjoy the flames and epic shots! And until next week, we'll see you Weapons Wednesday!

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