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Spiked Tonfa and Other Unusual Weapons!

Spiked Tonfa and Other Unusual Weapons!
This week for Weapons Wednesday, Amanda and I reviewed some of the most unusual and popular weapons on KarateMart.com. Watch the video to see us test them out!

The first weapon we reviewed was the Hidden Knives Kubotan. We recently had one of our YouTube followers ask us to review this item, so we thought it would be a good one to show off. While this is an extremely inexpensive weapon, it is actually pretty effective with the right level of training and skill. Kubotans have a bad reputation because so many people don't understand them. But, for people who have a solid knowledge of how to use them, they can be a very effective weapon. However, in addition to being a kubotan, this weapon also transforms in to two little daggers. Watch the video to see me test them out!

The second weapon we tested were the Spiked Tonfa. Probably the most impressive thing about these metal tonfa is the fact that they can be converted from standard tonfa into spiked tonfa fairly quickly. This allows you to use them for standard tonfa training in addition to having a spiked weapon. Because they are made from aluminum in steel, they are heavier than wooden tonfa, but aren't so heavy that they are difficult to use. Make sure to watch the video to see me test them out!

The third weapon we looked at was the Dark Combat Hand Scythe. Upon first glance, I was a little disappointed with the size of this weapon, but after using it, I was pleasantly surprised with how much I liked it. It's compact size makes it especially easy to use in a forward grip, reverse grip and even an extended grip. It also features a spike on the ring of the pommel that gives you excellent control in various grips. Watch the video to see my full review of this weapon.

The fourth weapon we tested was the Modern Tanto Balisong. If you've seen any of my videos, you know that I absolutely love butterfly knives, and this one is no exception. The thing I found so fascinating was how the blade was connected to the handle. It was machined in a way that didn't show whether they used pins or screws to connect it. The tanto style blade is extremly sharp and it flows beautifully when performing tricks with it. There were so many little details that were unique with this balisong, so make sure to watch the video to see me test it out.

The last weapon we reviewed was the Traditional Hand-Forged Katana. Of all the katana we've shown off on our Weapons Wednesday videos, this was one of the most impressive. It features a 1060 carbon steel blade that has been properly clay tempered, authentic ray skin and an iron tsuba. Considering how inexpensive this katana is, this sword is spectacular. Watch the video to see me test it out!

Here's the video:

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