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Five Deadly Superhero Weapons

Five Deadly Superhero Weapons
Everyone loves superheros, but what if you could be a superhero? Well, we can't give you mutant powers, an alien birthright, or horrible accidents in a science lab, but we do have a few weapons that you can use to at least look the part.


Our first superhero is Batman, whose super power is being rich. Among the many gadgets and tools the Dark Knight is able to afford to help him beat up bad guys are his array of batarangs and arm bracers.

While we don't have anything bat-shaped that will come back to you in the air like a batarang might, our series of bat throwers like the Blue Wing Bat Throwers and the Nightmare Bat Throwers are definitely bat-themed throwing weapons that really stick to their target (and boy are they sharp!). We also have the Combat Arm Gauntlets, which have fin blades very much like you see on Batman's gauntlets, though they aren't quite as sharp.


Sara Lance
© Warner Bros. Television and The CW Network

Our next superhero is Canary from the CW's Arrowverse. A master of martial arts, Canary/Sara Lance uses a telescoping bo staff that can separate into a pair of batons.

Obviously, our line of 2-Piece Collapsible Bo Staffs is the most obvious choice here. We have six colors available (and each one comes in five- or six-foot lengths), though the most accurate color will probably be our Silver 2-Piece Extendable Bo Staff. The staff separates into its baton form with a quick-release so that you can shift from one form to another in the middle of beating up thugs.


Our next superhero is Wolverine, who is known for having an enhanced healing factor and retractable adamantium claws that come out of his hands when he wants to cut some people up (usually bad guys).

While not retractable, our Combat X-Claw offers a pretty close approximation. Each carbon steel blade on the hand claw is 9" long and the claws are designed so that they come out in the same direction of your hands as your favorite X-Man.


Your second favorite X-Man is Gambit, whose mutant power is charging everyday items to explode. He likes to throw playing cards.

We don't have any exploding playing cards, but we do have the Royal Flush Throwing Cards, which are a set of stainless steel cards with four sharp edges that are great for throwing. Is there a way to make these throwing cards blow-up-able? Probably not and we wouldn't advise it.


© 20th Century Fox

In Deadpool 2, Yukio (Negasonic Teenage Warhead's purple-haired girlfriend) has the ability to generate electricity and load it into a chain weapon that she carries for just such purposes. The chain weapon resembles those used by Chinese martial arts practitioners.

And what do we have? Why, the Scorpion Chain Dart. We don't have the ability to generate electricity, though. Still, the Scorpion Chain Dart connects a 6" aluminum handle to a powerful steel dart with a roughly 5 foot chain, which is pretty cool, even if it's not being used to take down powerful foes.

What will you do with these superhero weapons? You could use some of them to fight crime. Some of them you can use for cosplay (though you'll want to check convention rules on weapons to make sure you can bring them. But, most importantly, you can look cool.

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Elaine Wolfe
7/1/20 - 12:27pm
I’ve had great service no problems quality products and they do it you’re gonna say and say what you’re gonna do I’m very happy with your service answer any questions and I’m more than happy to go either way for you thank you very much KarateMart and to all your hard-working employees!!!!!! Elaine Wolfe

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