Watch the Collapsible Bo Staff in Action!

Our Top Superhero Inspired Weapons In Real Life!

Our Top Superhero Inspired Weapons In Real Life!
This week for Weapons Wednesday, I reviewed a variety of awesome superhero inspired weapons including claws, throwing weapons, a 2-piece bo staff, an authentic katana, and even a set of solid steel vampire spikes! Excited to see how these weapons really worked, I put these heroic weapons to the test.

The first weapon I tested was the Black Panther Steel Claws, a knuckle duster with claw-like spikes. I hadn't seen anything like this steel claw weapon before, so I decided to test the strength of this unique weapon on solid wood.

Next, I reviewed the Black Canary Katana, a gorgeous Japanese style sword. This is one of the most beautiful, high quality katanas I have seen. This traditional katana has a genuine hamon line and ray skin handle and comes with a detailed sword box and sword care kit.

After revisiting our 2-Piece Collapsible Bo Staff, I introduced the new 2-Piece Expandable Bo Staff, an economical alternative. This 2 piece weapon that turns into 5 foot staff is a great effective weapon that is similar to our 2-Piece Collapsible Bo Staff that we make in house here in the USA, but is a little slower.

Next I reviewed a weapon that reminded me of one of my favorite superheroes. I was excited to test these heavy Solid Steel Vampire Stakes to see just how much damage these sharp spikes could really do.

Finally, I showed a variety superhero-inspired throwing weapons, including a shurikens from the Bat Wing Throwing Set and Silver Bat Wing Throwers as well as some steel Blackjack Throwing Cards that look like real playing cards. I tested these sharp throwing weapons on a melon to see how well they threw.

Here are the items I reviewed in this video:

1) Black Panther Steel Claws and Copper Steel Combat Claws

2) Black Canary Katana

3) 2-Piece Expandable Bo Staff

4) Solid Steel Vampire Stakes

5) Bat Wing Throwing Set and Silver Bat Wing Throwers

6) Blackjack Throwing Cards

Here's the video:

Which superhero weapon is your favorite?

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