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Throwing Knives and Other Deadly Weapons

Throwing Knives and Other Deadly Weapons
This week for Weapons Wednesday, we tried something a little bit different. Amanda chose pairs of items that are similar to each other for me to test out and review. I also took some time to teach you my favorite way to throw knives. Watch the video!

The first two weapons Amanda chose for me to review were types of walking sticks. We get a lot of requests for walking sticks and canes because they are a very inconspicuous type of EDC weapon. The first of these two items was the Blackthorn Shillelagh Walking Stick, which I was really excited to review because it is such a unique weapon. Shillelaghs are such unique weapons because of their history. Hundreds of years ago, Ireland was under British rule and the Irish people were not allowed to carry weapons. So, they developed their own weapon called a shillelagh that appeared to be an ordinary walking stick. Over time, they even developed a unique fighting style using this incredible weapon. Make sure to watch the video to learn more.

The second item I reviewed was the Knob Handle Sword Cane. Similar to some of our other cane swords, this one screws into the shaft of the cane, which has it's advantages and disadvantages. You'll want to watch the video to see what I really think of this sword cane.

The next group of items I reviewed are stun weapons. Amanda chose a smaller stun gun and a large stun baton for me to compare. The first stun gun I tested was the Black Knuckle Stun Gun. Again, this specific weapon has it's advantages and disadvantages, but I felt like the overall design was pretty well thought out for a stun gun. It was comfortable in the hand and was definitely strong enough to be effective.

The other stun weapon I reviewed was the Military Grade Stun Baton. This specific stun baton is one of our higher-end stun guns, which generally means that it is going to be stronger and better built than many of our other stun batons. I spent some time showing this item off and explained why this one is different from other stun batons you may find on the market.

The next pair of items Amanda chose for me to review were two very distinct butterfly knives. The first of which was the Quicksilver Butterfly Knife. I really love the look and feel of this balisong. It has a straight handle, which is personally my favorite style. I also reviewed the Crimson Spider Butterfly Knife which has a curved CS:GO style blade and handle, which is very popular right now. When comparing these two balisong, I spent some time discussing the benefits of the various styles of butterfly knives and mentioned the things I look for when buying one. Be sure to watch the video to learn more.

The last pair of items Amanda grabbed for me to test out were a pair of throwing cards and a really nice throwing knife set. She chose the Four Kings Throwing Cards because of their unique design. They are basically a hidden weapon because they look so similar to standard throwing cards.

Lastly, I reviewed the Professional Throwing Knives. I was so glad that Amanda chose this specific throwing knife set for me to review because it is such a perfect set for any style of knife throwing that you do. In this video, I explain why certain types of throwing knives may be better for throwing depending on your knife throwing style. Many throwing knives are too light or not designed correctly for throwing, but the Professional Throwing Knife set is perfect because it has a design, weight and length that make it perfect for anyone. After explaining the benefits to this type of knife, I spent some time showing you the best way I have learned to throw a knife.

Here's the video:

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