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5 Deadly Weapons You Wish You Had!

5 Deadly Weapons You Wish You Had!
This week for Weapons Wednesday, we tested out 5 very unique new weapons that were just added to the KarateMart.com website. Which one would you choose?

As usual, I asked Amanda to go back into the warehouse to choose some of our newest and most unique items for me to review. She packaged them up for me so that I didn't know what they were. That way I was able to give a fair and honest review of each item.

The first item I tested was the Compact Brass Spiked Knuckles. I guess the thing that makes these knuckles so unique is that they have a spike at the end of them that could be held towards the thumb of your hand for jabs or the bottom of your hand to perform hammer strikes. It is made entirely of brass and has a really nice shine to it, making it a very stunning looking everyday carry weapon. Just make sure to check your local laws before purchasing or carrying any weapon. Watch my full review of this weapon in the video.

Next, I tested out the large bat throwers. We just began carrying three new sets of large bat throwing stars including the Large Silver Bat Throwers, the Large Black Bat Throwers and the Large Titanium Finish Bat Throwers. I've shown off bat throwers in previous videos, but these ones are much larger. I really like bat shaped throwing stars because they are similar to standard ninja stars in the respect that they are very easy to learn how to throw. Watch the video to see me test them out.

The third item I reviewed was the Dual Fist Blade Knife. I had never seen a knife quite like this one. It kind of reminded me of a push dagger, but with an added blade on the top of the knife. One of the things that makes it unique is that it can be held in a couple of different ways, but I explain in the video why I would only want to hold this one way. Make sure to watch the video to see me test it out.

The next item I tested was the Tactical Billhook Machete. We recently began adding more survival gear to the KarateMart.com website, so we are beginning to carry more machetes. This specific machete has an extremely sharp blade as well as a bladed pruning hook and a sawback to cut through small branches. The handle was made from a very comfortable ABS and the full-tang stainless steel blade has a stealthy black anodized finish. Watch my full review of this survival machete and see me test it out.

The last item Amanda brought me was the Hand-Forged Chinese Pudao. I absolutely love pudaos, but this one was unique in the fact that it has tines near the blade, giving it a look that might be more similar to a dadoa if it didn't have such a long handle. I guess the thing I like the most about this pudao is the detail that went into it that give it an ancient look. For instance, the wooden handle has been slightly burned and the blade has been given a texture making it look almost ashen. Make sure to watch the video to see my full review of this amazing weapon.

Here's the video:

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Dana M. Scruggs
5/11/22 - 6:57pm
Another great "Weapons Wednesday"! I would love to see you do an episode of slingshots and various objects that can be used with a slingshot (marbles, glass, steel, copper, zinc, rubber, plastic, hollow point, clay, flat head, etc.). What is the best size for a BB (0.17 inch, 0.22 inch, 0.375 inches 0.495 inches, 0.65 inches). I have seen some really cool slingshots. Some slingshots even have a sight. Some slingshots are weighted for balance/stability. I even saw one on Amazon that had an infra-red laser scope on it. Of course when you practice with a slingshot, it is prudent to purchase (or make) a back drop to catch the BB's (saves on ammo and it's good for the environment . . . this is why they stopped making lead BB's). I have even seen some cool targets for practicing with a slingshot. When I began to research slingshots, I had no idea how much information is available about slingshots!

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