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Titanium Nunchaku and Other Deadly Weapons

Titanium Nunchaku and Other Deadly Weapons
For this week on Weapons Wednesday, we tested out some of our newest that we just got into our warehouse. Everything from Titanium Nunchaku to a Training Rapier, we really wanted to test these to make sure they're awesome. Check out this video to see the full review!

For the first weapon, we tested out the 24 Inch Predator Blowgun. Despite the seemingly simplistic design, this blowgun is much more than meets the eye! The blowgun itself is made out of durable aluminum shaft to make sure it does not bend or warp over time. There is also a comfortable foam hand grip along with also having a sight tip for aiming at your target from far away. The mouthpiece also has the great additional feature of an anti-inhale protection to make sure that the dart does not end up hurting you. It also comes with 10 VERY sharp steel dart targets that you can put on the dart quiver for easy access. You can also mix and match the working parts of the blowgun to make it customized to your preferences. With it being approximately 24 inches long while only weighing approximately 2.2 ounces, there is no way that anyone wouldn't like this weapon. Be sure to watch the video to see the full review!

Next up was the Leather Wrapped Brass Knuckles. This pair of knuckle dusters has the unique feature of having a thin leather wrap around the bottom to make it more impact and shock resistant with punches, which is an excellent feature to have while using them. The knuckles are also machined out of solid brass with ridges throughout the entire weapon, which makes them very durable and will be able to be used for a long time. While testing the grip on them, for my specific hand size, these are better in a swiping fashion compared to a punching fashion, which is my preferable way to hold them. The finger hole diameter of these knuckle dusters are also approximately one inch, meaning that they can fit just about anyone's hand size. While weighing only 6.7 ounces, they will be so easy to carry in your pocket for a great EDC weapon. Just make sure to check your local laws before purchasing this weapon. See the video to watch these knuckles in action!

The third weapon that I reviewed ended up being the High-Impact Training Rapier. This is the first time we ever showed off a rapier before and despite being a training one, it still has some great features! The rapier is made out of one solid piece of black thermoplastic, so there is no metal within it at all, which makes it great for training and cosplay at your favorite convention. Due to its construction, the training weapon has the same amount of flexibility as a steel rapier, which makes it even better for practice. There is also a large ball on the tip of the blade which adds another safety feature when using it. The blade itself is hexagonal and also features a very intricate design all over. The handle has a very large handguard and a thick d-guard to prevent any accidents near your hand while training with it. The handle also has a nice semi-ergonomic grip to provide more control while using it. It also has a lanyard hole to add a wrist strap. Overall, this is a great training rapier for anyone that would like to learn how to fence. Tune into the video to see how awesome it is!

For the fourth weapon, I took a look at the Dark Woods Toothpick Knife. Despite the small size, this knife is great! The knife comes with a very nice, high quality leather sheath that has a loop that is larger than a standard belt loop. Due to this, it can be added to your belt as well as to a keychain or anything else you can think of. The scales of this weapon is made out of beautiful black pakkawood, making it durable to wear and tear over time with use. To open the knife, it has a great flipper that opens the knife with ease, despite not being a spring assisted or ball bearing knife. The steel may be the best part of this knife though, it is made out of M390 steel which makes it very tough while also having great wear and corrosion resistance. The blade is super sharp, and the tanto tip of the blade makes the tip extremely sharp as well. Despite its small size, it's very comfortable for both people with large and small hands. View the video to see the full review!

The last weapon that I reviewed was the Diamond Grip Titanium Nunchaku that are only available on KOMBATIV.com. These nunchaku are handmade in the USA by the small staff at KOMBATIV, meaning that you will have a unique weapon compared to anything else on the market. The nunchaku are made out of a Grade 9 titanium, which makes them stronger and more durable compared to standard titanium, while being corrosion and rust resistant. They also have a very nice diamond grip machined on the titanium, so they have added control to prevent slippage while also being comfortable when in use. The are made to closely resemble wooden nunchaku by having a one inch diameter and having the handle lengths be 12 inches. One of the best parts is that it only weighs one pound, four ounces, which are only slightly heavier than wooden ones so transitioning from wooden to these ones will never be an issue. Overall, these are the best nunchaku for any type of nunchaku practitioners, so be sure to view the video to see all of the great details!

Here's the video:

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