Watch the Collapsible Bo Staff in Action!

Transforming Spear Staff and Other Deadly Weapons!

Transforming Spear Staff and Other Deadly Weapons!
This week for Weapons Wednesday, I tested out the removeable spike spear staff as well as some of the other new weapons we recently added to the KarateMart.com website. Watch the video to see all these great weapons!

The first weapon I tested was the Rugged Combat Billhook Machete. Billhook machetes are a unique tool in the sense that they are a combination of a machete and a sickle at the same time, so they can perform a variety of tasks. This specific machete has a blade that is made from carbon steel and has a charcoal finish, giving it a very rugged look. Be sure to watch the video to see what I think of this new weapon.

The second weapon I reviewed was the Seahorse Slasher Knife. This peculiar looking knife is clearly more of a fantasy weapon than a real weapon, but it has some interesting features to it that make it a fairly effective weapon. First off, the blade shape allows this knife to have an extremely sharp point that can slice through things with ease. Second, the scales on the seahorse's back act like knife jimping in the sense that they give you extra control of your blade. Watch the video to see this knife in action!

The third weapon I tested was the Hidden Marker Spike. The greatest thing about this weapon is how inconspicuous it is. It looks like a totally innocent marker, but when you need it, just remove the cap and it exposes a very sharp spike that could be used for self-defense. It is made from a durable thermoplastic and weighs less than an ounce, so this really is an excellent hidden weapon!

The fourth weapon I reviewed was the Midnight Big Boy Stiletto. This oversized stiletto features a stainless steel blade and a G10 handle which a black finish giving it a very dark and stealthy look. It also has a very reactive spring assisted blade, which makes opening the blade on this weapon very fast. Perhaps the best thing about this knife is how long it is. With an unfolded length of approximately 13", this stiletto gives off an extremely intimidating vibe. Watch the video to see me test it out!

The last item I reviewed was the Removeable Spike Spear Staff. A couple of months ago, I reviewed our new Stainless Steel Spear Staff and a number of our viewers mentioned that they would like to see us make one with tips that could be removed so that it could be converted into a standard bo staff. This specific spear staff has a shaft that is made from a very durable aluminum and stainless steel tips that are extremely strong. Make sure to watch the video to see what I thought of this new weapon.

Here's the video:

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