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What's the Best Tonfa for You?

Whats the Best Tonfa for You?
So, you want to learn the tonfa? Great! Many martial arts schools (including the one I began with) designate the tonfa as the first weapon their students should learn. Knowing this, we decided to do a comparison of the different tonfa available for purchase on KarateMart.com.

Rubber Foam Tonfa

If you're just beginning, the Rubber Foam Tonfa are a great choice, since they are lightweight and provide a comfortable grip.

Natural Wood Tonfa

Both the Natural Wood Tonfa and its dark cousin the Black Hardwood Tonfa provide a solid but comfortable grip and even come in several sizes. You know the tonfa's length is right for you if it matches the distance between the tip of your extended pointer finger and elbow (on the same arm).

Some of our younger martial artists will probably need a 14" Wooden Youth Tonfa.

Indestructible Plastic Tonfa

Of course, it's always great to take things to the next level. And that's where our indestructible tonfa come in. The Indestructible Plastic Tonfa is made out of a durable polypropylene material, which may be hard to pronounce, but it takes a real beating and can bend and flex in response to great pressure.

High-Strength Aluminum Tonfa

The KarateMart original High-Strength Aluminum Tonfa is also virtually indestructible and capable of taking heavy blows. However, this beautifully machined weapon provides a heavier weight and a much more flashy presentation.

Solid Aluminum Tonfa

Of course, being merely indestructible wasn't enough for us. So our forge ninjas crafted the Solid Aluminum Tonfa that weighs a whopping 2 lbs 13 oz. If your training wasn't hard enough, the nearly three-pound martial arts weapon will train your muscles to use more of your strength so that you move faster and harder when you switch back to your standard or indestructible tonfa.

Interchangeable Spike Aluminum Tonfa

Taking intensity to another direction, we've also created the Interchangeable Spike Tonfa, which is similar to the High-Strength Aluminum Tonfa in design, except that the front and back ends have detachable end caps that can be replaced by 2.25" steel spikes so you can combine bludgeoning damage with harsh metal pokes.

Which one do you like best? Comment Below!

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