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Who Will Host Weapons Wednesday? Final 2 Contestants!

Who Will Host Weapons Wednesday?  Final 2 Contestants!
The time has finally arrived, Who Will Host Weapons Wednesday? Final 2 Contestants! With round one coming to an end, the final two contestants are bringing everything they got to get into the second round of our host contest. With only two contestants this week, who will win? Make sure to cast your vote for your favorite host this week!

The first host that took on the challenge was Asa-Punk, also known by his screen name @asa-punkatsouthvinland7145. Kyle has been friends with him for many years now, ever since we first started doing out Weapons Wednesday videos. He is such a nice guy and is also positive and encouraging that everyone loves his energy in the live feed and comments. His video was very unique compared to others since he adds in b-footage and even sound effects, which we don't even do! His knowledge of the weapons he showcases makes him an excellent challenger to move onto the next round. Be sure to check out the video to see what you think!

The final contestant of round one is Dallas Dyer, also known by his channel name @superbowserdude2007. He has been following our channel for a long time now as well and he is very knowledgeable about the weapons we currently carry. His unique style of videos and his willingness to really test out the weapons also makes him a great competitor. Overall, his energy is something that we would like a host to have. View the video to see what we mean!

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