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Who Will Host Weapons Wednesday? Round 1! Vote For Your Favorite!

Who Will Host Weapons Wednesday? Round 1! Vote For Your Favorite!
This week for Weapons Wednesday, we began out hunt for our new Weapons Wednesday host! With four contestants, we are asking the viewers to decide who should make it to the semifinals. All four of them were great options, but it's also up to you guys to vote who should help us. Also, be sure to vote for the new name of our Wing Chun Dummy!

After showing off the winning weapon of last week's video, we went straight into our contestants for possible new hosts. Our first contestant was DJ Moore, also known as The Modern Ninja. For this video, he gave a review of a very nice butterfly trainer. He was very natural while performing online and was able to have some nice outdoor and indoor footage showing off the knife. He was also very knowledgeable about the knife and was able to make the video interesting and engaging. He also has a martial arts background, which is an important part of becoming a host. Be sure to check out the video to see if he should be the new Weapons Wednesday host!

Next up was Tora, also known as Andromeda Gaming. With his knowledge of streaming as well as knowledge in martial arts, he already has the setup ready to make great videos. Also because of his background, he has a very good speaking voice with a great microphone and video quality. For his review, he showed off a very nice sword. With his in depth knowledge of the sword and even giving examples of how sharp the sword is, etc., he will be a great contestant for a new Weapons Wednesday host. Watch the video to see if he is your favorite!

The third contestant was the Tai Chi Twins, who are Joshua and Jeremy Roarty. They have an extensive background of martial arts and have been making videos for YouTube for a very long time. Not only do they show off products, they also show different techniques to practice with the weapons. They also do a wide array of videos as well, such has how to strength a back with martial arts weapons and how to keep yourself safe while using nunchaku. Overall, these twins have just the right amount of knowledge that would be perfect for hosts of the channel. Tune into the video to see if you agree!

Lastly, the final contestant of this video was Sifu Rick B. Sifu Rick is primarily on TikTok, but he is also present all over social media. He has been practicing with weapons for decades and he has his own school with very dedicated students (to his classes and for him winning the contest). He also has decades of martial arts experience as well and he's already family with our products since he has been purchasing and using them for years now. We think he has what it takes, but watch the vote to see if you agree!

Here's the video:

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Tre Watkins
9/24/23 - 9:11pm
Yo what’s up KarateMart family! I’m voting for Stiles because in addition to being a beast in this martial arts word, he is also very motivational and inspiring with his level of positivity and how real he keeps it with himself. He’s not trying to fit in or be a part of a crowd. He is comfortable in his own skin and he shares his strength with his community online and in the streets. I’ve seen him give free lessons to kids in the library and rather it was 1 kid or a full class, he was grateful and posted it everytime. I hope Stiles gets this and ends up winning it all!

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