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5 Deadly Weapons You Didnt Know Existed! 💀 Vote for Your New Host!

5 Deadly Weapons You Didnt Know Existed! 💀 Vote for Your New Host!
This week on Weapons Wednesday, we get to watch the finalists as they review some weapons that you didn't know existed! Watch as each contestant demonstrates their skill, their smart, and their video editing as the voting heats up. Make sure to visit the community tab to vote for who will take the hot seat as the new host of Weapons Wednesday!

This week, the contestants get to show their final submissions, and YOU get to decide who does the job the best. Each finalist was sent a deadly weapon from KarateMart.com to test and review. As you can see in the video, they stay true to Kyle's go-to of slicing and bashing through poor, unassuming fruit!

First up is Sifu Rick B, who has ample years of training with many different weapons. He was sent the Skull Crusher Sword Cane and he does a great job of showing all features of this weapon. At first, we see him speak about the item in the dojo, but then he takes it out to demonstrate the deadly parts of this caned sword!

Next is Eduardo Lagares with the Removable Spike Aluminum Tonfa. He is able to show his skills with some massive swings and impressive jabs, so watch for that! This item that has the option of being a normal set of tonfa, or a double spiked fighting set!

Next, we get to watch as Stiles Johnson shows us how the Modern Viking Seax Sword is supposed to look! He makes quick work of the watermelon, but is also keen on showing you the features of this sword that set it apart from the rest.

From there, it's on to the DJ Moore being the Modern Ninja and showing off the epic Hand Forged Chinese Pudao. DJ dives deep into some history before bringing this ancient weapon to the current times with a modern demonstration.

Finally, we get to catch Dallas Dyer and his review of the Stainless Steel Spear Staff. This huge polearm barely fits in the room with him! But after talking about the specifics, he takes it outside to show what it can do in real time. His presentation is clean, but is it clean enough to win?!

View the video and then cast your vote!

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