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Who Will Host Weapons Wednesday? 4 More Contestants! Vote For Your Favorite!

Who Will Host Weapons Wednesday? 4 More Contestants! Vote For Your Favorite!
This week on Weapons Wednesday, it was time for round two of our applicants! Each person brought their own unique style for everyone to vote on, so now it's up to our viewers to see who gets to move onto the next round. Be sure to make sure you vote this week!

The first applicant of this week's contest was Stiles Johnson. Stiles has been a major part of our community ever since we started Weapons Wednesday, and he makes every new viewer feel welcomed. That is the reason why Kyle and Amanda like him so much. He is well versed in martial arts and he is also very familiar with our weapons, making him an excellent candidate for our next host. Watch the video to see how awesome he is!

The next contestant for our next host was Eduardo Lagares. Eduardo has been friends with Kyle for many years now, and he is impressed with how much he has grown on social media. He extensively edits his video which is perfect for our hosts to have. He also has extensive martial arts training and works with a solid group of people to make his videos very unique. His social media presence is also quite extensive, which is one of Amanda's favorite reason to have him as a host. Check out the video to see if you agree!

Continuing with our contestants, the next person was Jason - The Ninja Show. John has just started this channel with inspiration from Weapons Wednesday, so Kyle and Amanda know that they will be able to help him make the show a perfect blend between The Ninja Show and Weapons Wednesday. He is very knowledgeable with swords and other martial arts tools, which is something that is very important for our host. The reason why Kyle and Amanda like him so much is the fact that he knows the details of the weapons he's showing off without having to read from a script. Be sure to watch the video to see what you think!

The last contestant was James Harrington. James has been one of our most loyal followers since the beginning of Weapons Wednesday and Kyle has a great friendship with him. James, like everyone else, has an extensive martial arts background and the brings a lot of fun and knowledge at the same time. He knows a lot about swords, knives and other weapons that makes him a great candidate for a host. He also has great sound quality, even outside which is difficult to do. Overall, he would make a great candidate for a Weapons Wednesday host. View the video to see if you agree!

Here's the video:

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