Hard Rubber Nunchaku

Price: $22.95
Hard Rubber Nunchaku
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Hard Rubber Nunchaku

Price: $22.95
(7 Reviews)
Cannot be shipped to MA. Laws vary by state and municipalities. Please check your local laws to be sure this item is legal to possess before ordering.

These Hard Rubber Nunchaku, flexible, and incredibly fun to spin. The rubber construction means that these rubber nunchucks will bend with hard impacts without losing their shape or integrity. If you're nunchuck sparring with your friends, they'll appreciate that you didn't actually break their bones with a hard impact.

The dense rubber nunchucks feature a ball-bearing chain and black 12" handles with a little dragon design. You'll find these chucks to be fun and long-lasting!

Hard Rubber Nunchaku Details:

  • Hard Rubber Handle - Keep a solid grip!
  • Intricate Dragon Design
  • 11" Overall Length (approx)
  • 1" Handle Diameter (approx)
  • Weight: 1 lb 5 oz
  • Sold Individually

Please check your State and local regulations before purchasing this weapon to make sure it is legal to be shipped to your area.

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"I have every kind of Nunchuck you can think of from oak, rattan, foam, and metal. All have served me great, but these solid rubber chucks I've had for a while now are making my arms pretty ripped. They are darn heavy but that's what's awesome about them. Some people may not like the flex, but in the end that flex helps the use when it comes to striking practice. Upon impact these Nunchucks bend and absorb and are less likely to bounce back than a solid pair (Wood, Rattan, Metal) making these my favorite pair of Nunchucks to strike with due to the increase in confidence when striking a bag. With that being said, these Nunchucks also hit hard and would still be brutal to get hit by. Definitely not for beginners or for people with weak wrists/grip. Also I hit my bag hard with these often and though the gold dragon design is now non existent, the pair is still holding up darn well. Rattan is still the best beginner Nunchuck out there in my opinion, but hard rubber chucks are perfect for those who want a challenge, a good pair to strike some bags with, and a pair that will make you much stronger in the end."
Written By: Chris C
12/27/23 - 10:23am
"After an extremely disappointing set of foam nunchucks I had recieved for christmas from Amazon (unaffiliated company) broke the very same day I got them when the chain snapped off of the bearing while doing the 'figure eight' technique, I had decided I should probably just get real ones. For reference, the foam ones I had recieved prior to purchasing these were $12 for a 2-pack of them. So when I saw the price of these ones, I was a bit surprised at how cheap they were. I bought them anyway, since I was sure they'd be better than the literal PVC pipe the other nunchucks were made of, and I was definitely not disappointed! The metal on these ones appears to be welded properly unlike the other ones I had, and the bearings swivel like it should while clearly being far stronger. I've been using them on and off for about half a month now, doing a couple of basic techniques (figure-eight and arm switches), smacking them against random cardboard boxes quite hard, and accidentally dropping them a couple of times. Basically, a light/moderate amount of abuse. And they're still in pristine condition with no hint of breaking! In regards to other reviews complaining about the smell, I'm not sure how their particular pairs smelled, but I have a very sensitive nose and I need to have these basically 1-3 inches from my face to smell the rubber. Now, it's definitely a strong rubber smell when you do smell it - but it doesn't actually permeate through a room or smell from a distance, let alone while you're using them. So, it appears they've fixed the smell that plagued these nunchucks many years ago, which is nice. Overall, great pair of nunchucks at a relatively cheap price that will probably last me many years! TLDR: Bearings good, welding good, barely a smell, well worth the price. Probably wouldn't break even if you smashed it against metal (please dont try that lol)."
Written By: Adam Banks
1/15/22 - 1:51am
"This is probably my favorite.This one packs a nasty blow.And,won't break or chip on impact.This set is much more solid than the red rubber set.Im not sure why but the black rubber is more solid."
Written By: Pete
8/29/20 - 10:57am
"One of the Best nunchucks I own. These are durable and very tough. HARD RUBBER which means you can easily knock somebody out but they are also alittle flexible. Very cool nunchucks and highly recommend. Definitely worth $14 when they Should be worth $40 easily."
Written By: Adam Halim
9/13/18 - 10:09am
"It is solid and heavy. I like it very much (from this point of view). Good for practicing all basic skills. But it smells, like another reviewer commented. I have to wrap it into an envelope (the one used in the original shipment) when I don't use it. I guess the smell means bad rubber material. I suspect it's not good for health. I will replace it with an aluminum one."
Written By: Heng
1/7/17 - 11:15am
"Well made solid chucks, only flaws are it's the heaviest pair I own and they smell horrible. The Rubber smells like a tire shop, I should know my gramps owns one haha. Electrical tape wrapped around the chucks a couple times keeps the smell off your hands but it still leaks through. Like I said good chucks just stinky lol"
Written By: Jared
7/19/15 - 9:33am
"Great pair of chuks. Well made."
Written By: shinobibiotch
1/10/13 - 9:46am
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