Snake Bite Stun Gun

Price: $27.95
Snake Bite Stun Gun
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Snake Bite Stun Gun

Price: $27.95
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Cannot be shipped to CT, IL, MA, MI or RI. Laws vary by state and municipalities. Please check your local laws to be sure this item is legal to possess before ordering.
Snakes are typically mild mannered and actively try to avoid humans when they can. When they are startled or threatened though, they will attack without question. Obviously, snake bites hurt and can cause some serious damage if they need to protect themselves. With our Snake Bite Stun Gun, you will be able to have the same powerful defense as one of these awesome predators!

This portable stun gun has an approximate length of 3.5 inches and an approximate height of 3 inches. It only weighs 2.5 ounces, which makes it very easy to carry while your out and about. It has a black and silver color pattern with a carbon fiber, non-slip grip finish so you never have to worry about losing this weapon. For even more extra grip control, there is a finger hole that will keep it steady in place when you need it most. There is a safety switch for this device; once you see the red light, it is ready to use! It discharges approximately 85 million volts to its intended target (we know, we tried it, and it HURTS). It is rechargeable and includes a USB charging cord; no batteries necessary! The stun gun also includes a nylon sheath with a belt loop for easy carrying.

Obviously, a snake bite and a shock weapon are not exactly the same thing. Overall though, they are both debilitating and can cause real damage. Be sure to have this shocking self-defense weapon on you so you can always protect yourself!

Snake Bite Stun Gun Highlights:

  • Length: approximately 3.5 inches
  • Width: approximately 3 inches
  • Weight: approximately 2.5 ounces
  • Carbon Fiber Finish
  • Black and Silver Design
  • Non-Slip Grip
  • Finger Hole for added Grip
  • Safety Switch (Safety and Armed)
  • Discharges approximately 85,000,000 Volts
  • Rechargeable with USB Charge Cord
  • Nylon Sheath with Belt Loop

Note: Please be aware that actual voltage output is difficult to measure and verify, but this stun gun pen compares to other stun guns that claim to be 90 million or more volts. We personally tested it and it is very powerful. It hurts A LOT!

Disclaimer: Stun guns and batons will get damaged if you consistently check the stun portion without making contact with anything (so in the open air). It will burn out the diodes and will make the stun portion stop working over time. We do recommend checking it once when you receive the self defense weapon to make sure it works properly, but checking it frequently and for over a second with no contact will cause it to break. The diodes need a closed circuit to prevent them from burning out.

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"It is definitely my favorite unfortunately I had to use it on a homeless guy who tried to rob me. It's well worth it, big time‼️"
Written By: Stan
12/28/21 - 12:52pm
"Great product very strong! Rearly have to charge, make u scream in pain."
Written By: Raven
7/26/21 - 5:19am
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