Anti-Grab Stun Gun

Price: $29.95
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Anti-Grab Stun Gun

Price: $29.95
Did you read the disclaimer?:
Cannot be shipped to CT, IL, MA, MI or RI. Laws vary by state and municipalities. Please check your local laws to be sure this item is legal to possess before ordering.
When it comes to self-defense weapons, nothing beats a stun gun. It produces an electrical current that runs along two probes on the front, and once they come in contact with their target, that attacker will most likely be debilitated, and also re-evaluate all of their life decisions. It does not feel good to get hit with a large load of electricity! To make sure that an assailant cannot reach out and take your defensive tool from you, the Anti-Grab Stun Gun has electrically charged outer strips that guard the weapon from being taken and used against you. Add a bright LED light, a shrieking audio alarm, and you've got ample protection with you wherever you go!

Getting stunned with an electrical current will take the wind out of anyone's sails, no matter how much muscle or determination you have. The body has a hard time overcoming the voltage shock, since it disrupts not only muscle group coordination, but also the ability for the brain to function. Stun guns are a choice self-defense weapon, and they have the ability to display their power with an intimidating electrical static noise that is terrifying. These shock delivering weapons are vocal and no joke. No one will want to get close enough to get a hand on your bag or your clothing, potentially saving you from a fate that we don't want to think about. Knives are a great up close combat weapon, but they can also be used by an attacker to slash at you when they get within arms reach. Once you're armed with this anti-grab stun gun, not only can you prevent anyone from getting taking your weapon, you'll have an ear shattering 130 decibel alarm to alert others of your position as well as disorient the villain who has picked the wrong victim!

What sets this stun gun apart from the rest is the anti-grabbing feature. This means that a hand or arm in contact with the charged strips will discharge the same electrical blast on contact when you hit the firing button. This protects not only you from having the stun gun turned in your direction, it will also give you close range defense if you have to physically defend yourself and find that you can't get good aim towards the attacker. Pressing the surface of this 6 and a half inch stun gun against the skin of an assailant in the moment of frantic battle means that they will get an earth-shattering shock to their system, allowing you time to put as much distance between them and you as possible. All stun guns are designed to buy you time to get to safety, and this anti-grab stunner delivers 120 MILLION volts, cashing in big time so you can get away.

This heavy duty EDC weapon is not just a walking lightning bolt. Other features include a bright LED light for a flashlight, a beacon signal, or to temporarily blind anyone who gets too close in a dark alley. Next is a loud, and we mean loud, alarm that will catch your assailant off guard, and probably cause them to instinctively cover their ears. When you take this shock weapon along with you, it will stay in the black nylon carrying case until you feel the need to amp up your protection, and then you can slip the wrist strap on so the stun gun will stay close to your hand. The battery indicator lights will tell you if you have enough juice, or if you need to plug in and conveniently recharge via mirco-USB, which can easily be done at home, in the office, or even in most modern vehicles. At an ultra light 5 ounces, this anti-grab stunning weapon is the pint sized stunner you need to be protected on your journey.

Having this everyday carry weapon can work as a deterrent just as easily as an electric shock shooter! The noise alarm of this grab guard stun gun can send chills down the spine of anyone who has decided to violate your personal space, or who wishes you harm. It will deliver the message that you are armed and mean business. The safety switch on the side boldly indicates which setting you are on, so you don't have any mishaps when arming or testing the stun weapon, flashlight, or defensive sound blast. Keep it locked and charged for the next time you need Zeus as a body guard!

Anti-Grab Stun Gun Highlights:

  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • 120,000,000 Volt Shock Discharge
  • Battery Status Indicating Lights
  • Bright LED Light
  • 130 Decibel Personal Alarm
  • Anti-Grab Guard
  • Woven Wrist Strap
  • Total Length: Approx. 6.5"
  • Weight: Approx. 5oz
  • Rechargeable via Micro-USB
  • Black Nylon Case with Belt Loop
  • Multiple Self-Defense Features

Note: Please be aware that actual voltage output is difficult to measure and verify, but this stun gun flashlight compares to other stun guns that claim to be 120 million or more volts.

Disclaimer: Stun guns and batons will get damaged if you consistently check the stun portion without making contact with anything (so in the open air). It will burn out the diodes and will make the stun portion stop working over time. We do recommend checking it once when you receive the self defense weapon to make sure it works properly, but checking it frequently and for over a second with no contact will cause it to break. The diodes need a closed circuit to prevent them from burning out.

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