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Undead Reaper Throwing Knife Set

Price: $19.95
Undead Reaper Throwing Knife Set
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Undead Reaper Throwing Knife Set

Price: $19.95
Picture you're home at night. All are tucked away sleeping, but a troupe of brigands has entered to wreak havoc, steal expensive items, or maybe murder a few people. One invader, dressed all in black, passes a corner and a swift thwick fills the air before he falls to the ground. The last thing he sees before he loses consciousness is one knife from your Undead Reaper Throwing Knife Set sticking out of his chest. The menacing black skull pommel grins over his body, as if it feeds off of his soul.

The other brigands turn to run, but they are too late. You have rounded the corner and swiftly strike two in the back of their skulls so hard that all four inches of these stainless steel blades penetrate deep in their brains. The two home invaders collapse onto the floor. You grab another two undead reaper throwers from the flexible nylon pouch with elastic straps wrapped around your thigh (the only way to sleep). You feel the spiral design on the rubberized plastic handle and calmly walk over the fresh corpses.

The remaining two invaders jump for their lives out of the nearest window, making a loud crashing noise as they shatter the glass. They somersault up and begin running to their getaway truck. You calmly step through the window and throw the two knives from your hands. One slices through the Achilles tendon of one brigand, who yelps and collapses. The other knife finds its way to the hand of the remaining foe just as he is about to open the door to the getaway truck. The knife penetrates his hand and sticks to the door. He is stuck.

Now you run. You close the distance between yourself and the man desperately trying to free his hand. You pull out a skull-pommeled knife and hold it to his throat.

"You move, you die."

He stays still.

"Who put you up to this?" You say. "Was it Blight Killian?"

The man laughs nervously. "Blight Killian is dead. You know that."

"He's been known to cheat death," you say, thinking of Killian's legendary Japanese blood oath.

The man hesitates. You press the knife into his neck just enough to draw blood. You listen closely, hearing him wet his lips. He is about to speak. But there is a rustling behind you. Something undead?

Just as you turn and throw the remaining throwing blade with your free hand, you are barely able to move out of the way of a throwing star covered in a powerful acid. The attacker behind you meets the pointed end of the throwing knife to his forehead and falls backward, dead. The shuriken hits your hostage and he screams as the acid burns and sizzles. His clothes quickly become tattered and his flesh red and smoky. You step back. They are both dead and you have only one lead: the hand stuck to the truck's door has a unique ring on it.

You retrieve your Undead Reaper Throwing Knife Set and take the attackers' truck while it is still dark because your thirst for justice cannot wait. Dawn will just have to catch up.

Undead Reaper Throwing Knife Set Highlights:
  • Six 7.5" Throwers
  • 4" Stainless Steel Blades
  • Rubberized Plastic Handle
  • Intimidating Skull Pommel Design
  • Nylon Sheath with Elastic Straps
  • Each Knife Weighs 4 oz.

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