Red Skull Throwing Knives

Price: $17.95
Red Skull Throwing Knives
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Red Skull Throwing Knives

Price: $17.95
These Red Skull Throwing Knives are center balanced and ready to become brain penetrating projectiles! Each throwing knife is designed to slice through the air to find your stationary, creeping, or freaky fast undead target and give it a perfectly timed and highly accurate hit to the brain. Practice your stealthy misdirection and divert unwanted attention with a well-placed strike to a noisy target across the forest with this set of flashy red skull throwers!

Designed to fly, these skull design knife throwers are lightweight and ready to be thrown from the hip. At only 2.7 ounces per blade, carrying the whole 3-piece blade set next to your favorite hunting knife, along with all of your other survival gear, won't slow you down or affect the accuracy of your throws. But don't worry, each knife thrower is solid metal and heavy enough to have an impact. The red skull design will make them easier to find if they rebound off a tree trunk, and provide bright contrast to the pale white corpses they're targeting. You'll have three tries with this zombie throwing knife set to hit that pesky ghoul where it counts. The broad shape blade makes it spin at a lower rate than more narrow knives and kunai, so you'll be perfecting the accuracy of your impalement in no time at all. Each skull print knife is 8 inches in length, making them a good fit for any hand, big or small, so the little ones on the compound won't have an excuse to skip target practice. The holes machined through the handle reduce the overall weight and make for a balanced throwing weapon, so even when your world is turned upside down, your throwing knives won't be.

Forged in durable and rust-resistant stainless steel, each skull design printed throwing knife is built to last. Both sides of the tip are sharpened to an edge that is sharp enough to cut through things such as rope with some effort, but sharpening them with a sharpening stone or other sharpener is recommended to make these tasks easier. In a pinch, these throwers can be used like small fixed blade knives to cut vegetables for meal times with the other survivors, or at makeshift camps if displaced by those soul-sucking undead heathens, so they'll be an essential addition to your camping gear. Just make sure to watch out for unfriendly parties in unknown areas before you start tossing blades around; You could invite unwanted company! Cleaning these knives is easy; If you find mud, residue, or any of various bodily fluids on the blade, simply wash and dry the metal before slipping it back into the individual slots of the included tough woven nylon sheath that can be secured to your belt with the loop. Wearing these red skull throwing weapons makes them easier to have close by while keeping your hands free until you need them for self-defense or slaying abominations.

This 3-piece throwing knife set can also provide amusement during better times. Celebrate the erection of a secure gated village or victory over hostile enemies with a knife throwing tournament, or enjoy some recreation as a break from the constant struggle for your next breath. Show off your special set of skills by challenging a friend or keeping the kids occupied with impressive throws once you've mastered your accuracy and precision with this red skull knife throwing set. The steel provides enough durability for smashing the edges into a hard target time and time again, so don't fret about the quality of these single piece constructed red and black throwers. The curved edges mean you won't have to worry about the full tang knives getting caught on a handle piece or sleeve as you release the blade from your hand. You'll also love the sound of these skull design broadhead throwing knives whizzing through the air as well as the satisfying thud or crack you'll get from a direct hit to your target.

Whether you are a beginner to knife throwing and seek to beef up your arsenal of zombie-killing weapons and skills, are picking up a set for a seasoned veteran to apocalypse survival, or have been a marksman with knives since you were knee-high to a duck, you can't go wrong with this high quality set of steel throwing blades. Play along and add this three piece set of durable red throwing knives to your cart before you're caught off guard looking into a pair of lifeless eyes, wishing you had a crimson skull throwing knife in your trembling hand.

Red Skull Throwing Knives Highlights:

  • Long Lasting Stainless Steel
  • Broad Shaped Dual Sided Blades
  • Ominous Red Skull Design with Matte Print
  • Durability for Repeated Target Impact
  • Centered Balanced Knives
  • Knife Length: Approximately 8"
  • Knife Weight: Approximately 2.7 oz
  • Total Weight: Approximately 8.4 oz
  • Machined Holes in Handle to Reduce Weight
  • Black Nylon Woven Sheath with Belt Loop
  • Velcro Strap to Secure Handles

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