Octagon Nunchaku with Cord

Price: $19.95
Octagon Nunchaku with Cord
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Octagon Nunchaku with Cord

Price: $19.95
(18 Reviews)
Cannot be shipped to MA. Laws vary by state and municipalities. Please check your local laws to be sure this item is legal to possess before ordering.
We know you are looking for something with a sure grip, designed with the human hand in mind. We also know that a banana would not be good enough, since you seek an actual weapon. You have found what you are looking for: the Octagon Nunchaku with Cord.

But KarateMart, you must be saying right now, what makes these nunchaku so much better than the others? Relax, our rhetorical restless reader. We will explain everything. In addition to the shape, which gives the user a superior grip that is particularly useful for beginning martial artists, these 'chucks are also made of durable, solid oak. Think of the last time you kicked an oak tree. It hurt your foot while the tree looked completely unfazed. With these nunchucks, you will carry the power of that oak wherever you go. What's more, the 5.5" durable nylon cord allows the nunchaku to swing in a quiet, fluid motion. Not only that, but if you are into having nunchucks fit the natural width of your hand, you can easily restring these octagon chucks.

This set of corded octagon nunchaku is ideal for both professionals and beginners alike and will fit comfortably into your hand, much like how a solid pair of nunchaku fits perfectly and comfortably into any martial arts enthusiast's collection.

Note: These nunchaku may vary slightly in color from what is pictured. The size also may not be exactly 12" (some may be closer to 11.5"). If you need to have two pairs of nunchaku that match, please order both at the same time so that we can try to match them. If you order a second pair at a later date, it is possible that they will be different from the first pair you purchased.

Octagon Wood Nunchaku Features:

  • Octagonal Shape - Easy to grip, won't roll off a table!
  • Solid Oak - Durable handles deal massive blows!
  • Nylon Cord Connector - High strength, easy to swing!
  • Cord Length: 5.5"(approx.)
  • Handle Length: 12" (approx.)
  • Natural Color
  • Also available in Black
  • Sold Individually

  • We Ship Fast! Most orders ship within the same day (excluding weekends & holidays).
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  • $6.95 Flat-Rate Shipping on Orders Under $35
  • California Consumers:
     WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov/
  • Questions? Email service@karatemart.com
"Beautifully made wooden nunchaku. I personally didn't like the varnish, or string length, so I stripped it, gave it an oil finish to make the grain pop, and re-strung to my taste, but it was perfectly functional and well made out of the box. I recommend this for kobudo training and ninja turtle shenanigans."
Written By: Mischa
9/30/23 - 1:07pm
"These nunchaku have a very smooth, balanced feel to them. When I tried restring to fit my hand, I realized the cord was too short. I made it work using two cords instead of three and tying a knot. That’s my only complaint, but they still look and feel great!"
Written By: Austin
1/8/23 - 2:17pm
"Solid beasts. They are hefty and definitely not toys. Also great quality and speedy shipping, definitely getting me another set."
Written By: Genesis
11/2/21 - 3:07am
"Amazing Craftsmanship, fast delivery. I have been using them every day for several weeks now"
Written By: Uly
7/6/21 - 8:46am
"I had already written a review. But I bought two octagon paracord,oak. I love my sticks learned how to strin myself bye watching πŸ‘€ a video that they provide. All in all 5 🌟 ⭐ πŸ’« 🌠 πŸŒƒ. Well done KARATEMART πŸ‘"
Written By: Danny
6/15/21 - 3:35pm
"Great product. Very good workmanship. Good feel."
Written By: fast swing
7/24/20 - 6:20am
"REAL oak Nunchaku. Don't make these your first pair if you are a beginner. These are as close to weapons grade as you will find now days. Only surpassed by imported hand made KILN DRIED red oak. Almost impossible to find unless you have connections. These are also tapered. Yes, Yes YES ! not identified in the item description or clear in the website images. Buy with confidence. Nothing as good in this country."
Written By: Chief
7/3/20 - 1:45pm
"These nunchaku exceeded my expectations. I was looking for a set of traditional good quality wooden chucks with good grip and some weight. The 14" are everything I was looking for. The 12" are the smoothest pair of chuks I own. Karatemart's customer service is bar none. Awesome company! Very happy! Thanks karatemart!!"
Written By: Cole
3/13/20 - 5:49pm
"Some great chucks no complaints here love the craftsmanship well built"
Written By: Twiggy
2/14/20 - 4:14pm
"I ordered wrong. Get what pay for. Chucks rope is crazy to long! 5-6" rope silly. Takes away many combat moves. Tied ends. Ugh. Not blaming kartrmart!"
Written By: Ron T
8/31/19 - 9:02pm
"Look good! They have a nice glossy wood finish not bad for the price."
Written By: Jesse Perkins
2/21/18 - 9:41am
"The wood is well finished and very dense and hard. The cording is just OK and hot glued in place. I upgraded mine to paracord. These nunchaku are still well worth the price and are overall great quality."
Written By: Jesse
4/5/17 - 1:55pm
"These Nunchucks have a good weight to them and feel very sturdy. However I bought them so that I could have a wood pair to match my practice nunchucks. The description states that the cord is approximately 5 inches. It is not even close. Mine measured a little over 6 and a half inches, which is an unacceptable margin of error. They don't feel or perform like my practice nunchucks because of this. So be warned if you are expecting a 5 inch cord.<br /><br /> <b>KarateMart Response:</b> We are very sorry the cord was longer than stated. One of the nice things about any corded nunchaku is that they can be restrung to exactly the correct size for your hand. Some people use the same cord, others prefer to restring their chucks with paracord."
Written By: Cameron Lockwood
3/29/17 - 3:50pm
"Ordered a pair of the natural 14" color. Solid things, accidentally whacked myself from years of not training and my knuckle is still hurting. The wood is nice quality. The only little concern I have is that there is a slight difference in weight in the handles, which changes the balance and speed of the nunchaku depending on which end you hold them from, but maybe that was just my pair. Also, the hot glue holding the cord knots will start to pull free after continue hard use, but so far hasn't made much of a difference. Will update if anything happens."
Written By: Aaric
9/20/16 - 7:44pm
"These nunchaku are excellent quality for being hand crafted. The only negative thing about them is I wish the chord wasn't hot glued so I could replace the nylon with parachord. Otherwise, I am almost afraid to train with them because they are so dense. Great product!"
Written By: Joshua
1/6/16 - 8:47pm
"After about one years use, the wood at the top of one of the chucks split down from the opening downward about one and a half inches. I may purchase another one though."
Written By: MotorCityGun
11/8/15 - 7:54pm
"These nunchakus are pretty sturdy and maneuvering them is easy. Although there was an incident not long after having them where they where dropped on a cement floor and chipped near the outside of the top. In my first review I gave it a 3/5 stars after it happened. But they haven't chipped anywhere else sense and have been dropped on the same cement floor quite a few more times. And also Karatemart gave me a call after reading my review with concerns and offered to ship me another pair."
Written By: Shane
1/10/14 - 1:21pm
"I really like these nunchaku I ordered two and they came in 3 days they are nice and strong not that you should bang it on a tree or anything but vary nice and I really enjoy this product."
Written By: Gregory
4/21/13 - 1:41pm
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